Audiomack Platinum 5.8.4 (Mod, Unlocked)

Audiomack Platinum is a great music player and download application on Android and iOS. It was developed to create a music community to help artists distribute their songs to their followers. Currently, Audiomack is available for Android and iOS versions. Users can download it for free. In addition, the paid version is also available with a monthly rental fee, adding more advanced features that help enhance the listening experience.

In this article, we give you Audiomack Platinum APK – the paid version of the app. There is also a detailed instruction that helps you download and install it easily and for free. But first, let’s check the Audiomack Platinum features below!

About Audiomack Platinum

Audiomack Platinum is developed for music lovers. The application not only provides users with popular artists’ songs but it is also a place where you can build your own community. In the app, you don’t need to be a professional artist. You can still create great songs and attract huge attention from the community. To motivate many artists to participate in and contribute to the music community, developer Audiomack will share a part of the profits for songs with a large number of views.

It can be said, Audiomack Platinum is a social network for music lovers. The songs will be displayed with the views. Besides, you can like a song or share it with other users. To be able to experience the full functionality of the app, you first need to register an account by email or facebook account. It’s free.

Re-up and share

Audiomack Platinum is not simply a music application. Instead, you can share your favorite songs with the people who are following you. This is an important feature in building a music community. Your followers can easily know the songs and genres of your favorite music. In addition, you can also use this feature to suggest a trusted account to your followers.

The simple thing you need to do is click re-up next to each song. Please share more of your music experiences. This is a simple way to help you have a stable fan base.

Listen to music offline

In addition, Audiomack Platinum is used to allow users to download songs. They could copy to any device or share it with anyone easily. However, by the end of 2018, the application had added an update. Instead of allowing users to download files, they can only listen to music offline. This is an important update and is of interest to many users. This update aims to benefit artists and publishers. In the past, downloading songs caused certain difficulties for statistics. At this time, the application could not know how many times the song had been played back, which partly affected the earnings of publishers. Offline music listening will give them accurate reports on how many times users play the song. This is also the way many developers currently apply for their music app.

Besides, this feature absolutely does not affect the user’s experience. Except for having more trouble sharing songs, users can still listen to music even without an internet connection. At the moment, the app has the offline download button that is available next to each song or album. You can choose to download your favorite songs separately or download the entire Playlist. To download the entire Playlist, users need to register for a Platinum package at a cost of $ 4.99/month.

If you want to experience a perfect service and have all the features you need, we recommend you try Spotify Premium.

Smart search

You have probably spent a lot of time searching for a favorite song. Therefore, the smart search feature is improved by the developer to help users quickly find their song. In the latest update, there has been a major change to the app’s search page. In which, the search History is a feature that will help you access the songs you have heard most recently. It is very useful when you are interested in a song, but can’t remember its name and unfortunately forgot to add your favorite list. Search History feature will display 7 most recent searching results.

Usually, most searched songs are always good songs. Therefore, if you do not know what kind of song or song to listen to, you should try to enjoy the songs that get much attention from other users. Maybe you will like them. The trend search feature helps users find popular songs, artists, albums or playlists on the app.

In addition, if your favorite artist is not available on Audiomack Platinum, you can listen to songs of the same type thanks to the Search Replacements feature. Therefore, you won’t have to spend a lot of time searching for your favorite songs or genres. After you enter the artist name, the app will display the song and artist suggestions that best match your interests.

Upload your song

Audiomack Platinum’s upload interface is intuitive and easy to use. It helps artists or fans share songs quickly. Whether a song or a thousand songs, users can still upload into the application. Besides, Audiomack Platinum provides the ability to store unlimited songs and podcasts.

First, make sure you have registered an Audiomack account. The next, you can click the orange Upload button on the homepage. The app allows users to upload music files with a maximum capacity of 250MB in WAV, MP3, OGG, M4A, and AIFF formats. If your file is not in the above formats, you can try to use a convert file application to convert to one of the supported formats.

While making the upload, you have filled in the song’s information and downloaded the cover image. Next, users need to click on Metadata and Release tab. You can install audio files as private or ad settings. In addition, customizing the URL also makes it easier for your fans to access the song. After finishing uploading, you can share your song on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This will help you attract more followers and the number of times your song plays.

The benefits when using Audiomack Platinum

As mentioned, Audiomack Platinum is a paid version of the app, which users need to pay a monthly fee to use the “Platinum” feature. If you have not yet figured out your rights when upgrading your account to Platinum, please check the feature list below. That’s all the benefits of using Audiomack Platinum:

  • Completely remove ads
  • Audiomack Platinum allows you to listen to music in 320kbps quality.
  • Discover exclusive content and listen to the latest songs at high quality


Audiomack Platinum is a great application for music fans. It is the perfect combination of a huge music store and the interaction between fans and artists. If you love certain users, you can follow them to get the latest song and album updates. Audiomack is released for free on the Google Play Store and App Store. Users can download and use it without paying a fee. If you want better experiences, you can sign up for a Platinum package. With this package, users will get the following features: non-ads, full playlists and Higher- quality streaming on wi-fi.

Moreover, you can sign up for a free trial in 7 days before deciding to pay or not. However, we bring you a perfect solution that does not make you confused, which is Audiomack Platinum APK. You just need to download, install it then use the Premium features for free.

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