Auto Chess Mobile APK 0.6.0 (Mod Coins)

In addition, Auto Chess is not only attractive to players but it also becomes an attractive business section for mobile game developers. There has been a lot of game series on the Play Store with a similar appearance to Dota 2 Auto Chess.

  • Update March 19, 2019: The game has been officially announced on Android and iOS platforms. You can Pre-register now to receive bonuses when the game is released.
  • Updated April 19, 2019: Auto Chess Mobile has been officially released, we have provided the download link and instructions for installing it. Please follow the instructions below to install and register your account.
  • Updated May 16, 2019: The game has been released on Play Store but is only available in some countries.

However, everything will be different when the owner of Dota 2 Auto Chess Studio has officially announced the mobile version of this game. It is Auto Chess Mobile, which will be available on mobile platforms. The game will also bring the familiar gameplay and heroes as in Dota 2. In this article, we bring links to download the latest version of this game when it is available. First of all, let’s take a look at the relevant information, gameplay and key features of Dota Auto Chess Mobile!

About Auto Chess Mobile

Auto Chess Mobile is developed by Dragonnest, and released by Imba TV. The game is available on both popular mobile platforms including Android and iOS for free. As its name suggests, this is the official mobile version of DOTA 2 Auto Chess – a custom Map of the famous Dota 2 game on PC. Not only does it appeal to players by allowing them to control heroes in Dota 2 but the game also offers rich and tactical gameplay. Therefore, we can believe in the success of Auto Chess with this mobile version.

In addition, those who have played Auto Chess on DOTA 2 before, they will also get some benefits when downloading and playing Auto Chess Mobile. If you buy candy in the current DOTA Auto Chess, you will also be given candy in the mobile version. In addition, the Developer will also have a gift for players who played Auto Chess on PC for a long time.

Dota Auto Chess Mobile: All you need to know

The gameplay of Auto Chess Mobile is not much different from the PC version. Perhaps, the difference is the control mechanism, which is suitable for the touch screen. If you are a new player, you will have a bit of difficulty on how to play and win this game. Please refer to our instruction below:

At the beginning of the game, you will play as a courier, who is moving around an 8 × 8 chessboard. In accordance with the rules of chess, your area will have an area of 4 × 8. Each level will have 8 players joining and competing with 8 turns. The opponent will be randomly selected.

You will start buying a hero first, choose a courier and move it to the locations on your 4 × 8 Chessboard. From round 1 to round 3, the player will fight against the Creeps. From round 4 to 9, you will fight each other. And from round 10 and so on, the player will hit the boss every 5 rounds. When you kill both Creeps and Boss, you will get new equipment for your hero. In addition, there are some items that you can pair them together to create a new powerful weapon. You can see the formulas for creating and matching maps in the game’s tutorial. After each round, you can get experience points to level up, which is important because it allows you to own new heroes. Besides, you can use gold to buy new heroes or level up faster. However, gold cannot be used to purchase equipment, so you only get them randomly in battle,

Currently, Auto Chess Mobile brings full of available heroes in Dota 2. In which, there are 52 heroes that the developers have divided into different species and classes. There are 3 generals owning 2 species: Dragon Knight, Lycan, and Puck. Other generals have 1 skill. Initially, the default player will have 1 gold. In the game, each hero costs 1 gold. In each species and class, there have different bonuses that help players create different combos.

The first heroes will be 1 star by default. When you use 3 heroes on the board, they will combine 2 heroes 2 stars; 3 heroes with 2 stars to make 1 hero with 3 stars. If 5 heroes on the table are not right, you can use gold to exchange for 5 new heroes. However, the results may not be satisfactory. Therefore, when you sell them, you will not collect money. In the game, each player will have 100 HP. During the battle, you can take damage from the opponent and get HP deducted. The team has returned to 0 HP first will loses.

Key features of the game

Dota Auto Chess Mobile retains the typical characteristics of the PC version. You still have the familiar experience right on smart mobile devices. Here are the key features of the game:

  • Familiar gameplay: Players will be able to control heroes in Dota 2 and participate in battles in real time. The gameplay is quite as similar as on PC.
  • Diverse heroes system: Auto Chess Mobile heroes are divided into different Classes. There are more than 50 heroes for you to choose from. Depending on the attributes and skills of each hero, you need to choose the right strategy to win the game.
  • Easy control: Auto Chess Mobile is the mobile version of this game on PC, so it is optimized for touch screens. You can easily carry out the demands, arrange heroes with touch-drag operation on the touch screen without any difficulty.
  • Many game modes and challenges: In addition to playing PvP mode in real time, players can participate in other game modes of the game. Besides, the game also has a lot of challenges for the player to complete and receive great bonuses.
  • Global Server: There will be no division between the areas of the player in the game. The developer brings a global server that allows all players to connect and challenge each other. The ranking will be extremely fierce.
  • 3D graphics: Auto Ches Mobile has quite cute graphics with animated characters. This is a big difference from the PC version. Besides, the battle of the game takes place on a virtual map with an area of 8×8 (simulating a chess board). In which, players will observe the game from the top down view. Even so, we appreciate that it is quite suitable for a mobile game.

Download Auto Chess Mobile for Android/ iOS

Currently, the official version of the game is in the process of being completed and will be released in the near future. For those who are fans of Dota2 Auto Chess on PC, it deserves to wait. Through the original images, it can be seen that the game’s graphic style has been designed more simply to match the mobile platform. In addition, the game also supports many languages to provide a better experience for players.

According to the announcement from the publisher, Dota Auto Chess Mobile will be released for free and compatible with Android devices running OS 4.4 or higher. Besides, your device also needs a minimum of 2GB of RAM and 350MB of free memory for the game to run smoothly. The game also requires a stable network connection to play. We will update the download link of Auto Chess Mobile APK as soon as possible. You can bookmark this article to follow the latest updates and enjoy the game earliest.

While waiting for the official version to be released, you can try a similar game that we have introduced as the Heroes Auto Chest.

[su_spoiler title=”How to Install?” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-square-1″]
  • Download the apk and OBB files we provided below. Save it to your device.
  • Open Setting-> Privacy. Find the “Unknown Sources” option then tap to enable it.
  • Open the APK file and install it as usual.
  • Extract the folder you downloaded follows Android / OBB. The correct result is: Android/OBB/
  • All done!
[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”How to register an account?” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-square-1″]
  • Click HERE to go to the Auto Chess  official homepage.
  • Click “Register
  • Complete the information that the form requires.
  • Important note: your email has a maximum length of 10 characters.

Mod Information:

  • Card 0 Coin
  • Sell Card = 20 Coin

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