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Introduction to Assault! Ragnarok

Ragnarok is a great Korean MMORPG, and the franchise has witnessed great success since the first version was released in 2002. Assault! Ragnarok isn’t a sequel to the original Ragnarok Online, but rather an upgraded version with a 2.5D perspective. Note that the creators only scheduled it for the South Korea market, but let’s wait for more exciting news.

Fast-paced yet strategic gameplay is what you’re looking for in Assault! Ragnarok

  • The cute characters and many different classes

When you first launch the game, you get to choose the appearance of your character. It’s not so deep of customization, though, as you’re only able to change your hairstyle and hair color. That’s what we had in the original version, though, and visual properties are not as important as how your character performs.

It’s up to you to decide what attribute should be your leading development. There are five in total, but it’s only possible to choose from four by now, which are Swordmen, Thief, Mage, and Archer. They’re taken directly from Ragnarok Online, so their combat abilities should translate evenly from the original release. Each class excels in one particular task. For example, a thief has a relatively faster attack speed compared to other groups of characters.

  • Killing monsters, learning the plot

You roam freely on the game’s map. Random monsters will appear and try to attack you. Kill them all and let your level goes up. In such an open world, there isn’t a place for a clear storyline, though. The ultimate purpose is to become the most skillful fighter in the arena.

Assault! Ragnarok has some unique features which I rarely see in other MMORPGs. The game uses the job advancement system and a novel skill tree system, which depends all on you to upon upgrading a stat. Unlike other MMORPGs, which rely heavily on items to boost the combat ability of a character, Assault! Ragnarok focuses more on the role itself. Keep in mind, though, that each wrong point can create a big difference. For example, a mage can either use spells quickly with lesser damage or does it slowly with extreme force. Fortunately, in Assault! Ragnarok, there’s an auto-upgrade button in yellow that adapts to your character’s class. Wrong choices should be minimal with that feature.

  • Play it on your PC and mobile devices

Developed using HTML5, this game is compatible with both the PC and mobile platforms. That means that it’s possible not to download Assault! Ragnarok, but Gravity Interactive are working their way for the official apps on the App Store and Google Play Store. While it’s possible to play the game on two platforms, players won’t join the same PVP matches except for the Guild vs. Guild game mode. In this mode, players have to fight their way to win back territories and be victorious. Strategies for this game mode is vital, and you can die within two seconds. It’s a fun-to-play mode, though, and I’m in love with it.

Controlling is a piece of cake

Tapping is all you need to do in this game. There’s no need additional buttons, as you can move around with a joystick and tap to attack. Anyway, it’s necessary to think and react quickly upon contact with your foes. Your character moves much of the time automatically, though, and remember to keep track of his or her movement. You don’t want to be in the middle of a swamp of angry monsters.

The graphics are decent

Assault! Ragnarok uses the same graphics set of the original Ragnarok Online release, but with a 2.5D perspective. That’s not jaw-dropping, to be honest, but it still looks quite compelling for a mobile game. Character design is a fair game. Their movement and attacking gestures are beautiful, and the animation actually feels pretty smooth. As you attack, numbers that indicate the damage output will fly all over the place, but they’re satisfying to look at, especially when you strike a critical hit.

The game window is also different on two platforms. Like the original game, when playing Assault! Ragnarok on PC, you get a landscape orientation. On your phone, it changes to the portrait mode. That’s not a big deal, and you’ll probably stick to one operating system. Getting used to one should take no time.

Soundtracks are among the best, not to mention the sound effects.

This is one of the top-rated aspects of this game, and they have always been good since the first days. Most of them are composed of SoundTEMP, who also made the soundtracks of Granado Espada. Each map has its own music, and they can set your mood pretty well.

Sounds that play when you attack or move are pretty cool. Furthermore, in guild games, that’s when the combination of sound effects takes its toll. All mixes together to create one of the most exciting sounds I’ve ever experience in all the games that I played.

Sacrifice graphics for performance, or not?

The size of Assault! Ragnarok is much less than the previous mobile release: Ragnarok: Eternal Love. It’s easy to understand, as this game is written in a totally different format. But that doesn’t decrease the game’s quality. In fact, it has one of the best character models in the mobile games world.

My final verdict

It’s probably too soon to say anything, but I’ve already felt the hype for this game. If you’re a fan of fast-paced and entertaining MMORPGs, or just reminiscent of the original Ragnarok, this game is not to miss. Let’s see if the creators have any intention to release it globally.

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