Archero 1.4.9 (MOD, God Mode/Damage)

The Archero MOD that we provide in this article will help you easily win the match. Besides, the file is 100% safe and we will update the latest version of the game as soon as it is available.

A unique gameplay

Archero’s gameplay is quite unique and interesting. It contains elements that haven’t had any previous games, such as the randomness of the opponent and the player’s ability. The elements that Archero brings are truly unique and new.

All you need to do is live as long as possible. Every time you join the game you will meet a corner to shoot. When defeating a boss or ranking, Archero will allow you to upgrade your equipment. Each upgrade the player will load more power for what you have before. This means that the longer you live, the stronger your bow becomes.

Some highlights of the game

There are nearly 1 million positive reviews for Archero that you will see on the Play Store. A lot of players say they see playing this game every day as a great and free entertainment. Although there are still some negative points, but in general, what the game brings is great. It is worthy for Archero to have a place on the “Editor’s choice” list on the Play Store. Here are some highlights of the game.

The power and High technical requirements

Archero has an entire library of powers. Therefore, if you have just revived and upgraded, it is very difficult to have an upgrade list like the previous one. Archero gives you real entertainment moments. However, for newcomers to the game, you will take a moment to get used to it and get used to it. If the player wants to go far in this game, you really know how to use the bow in the game in a truly professional way. You need to make sure that you get hit as little as possible because the amount of health returned to you is very little and slow.

Continuity move

If the player has never passed level 15, then perhaps your upgrade options are not correct. Sometimes focusing too much on upgrading your bow does not help you win and overcome the challenges of the rounds. Moving after one or two shots will help you stay safe and avoid losing health. If you fall in love for a while, you are likely to be killed. So keep moving constantly.

More than just archery

Games designed based on archery sport often focus on aiming and archery. Archero needs more players to focus on. Not only aiming and firing to the point to shoot, but the player must also move to avoid injury and look at the direction of the bullet to avoid them. Bullets come from all walks of life, however, thanks to that you will know where the enemy is and destroy them. Be proactive in avoiding bullets instead of running on the ground forever.

Random and repetition

This is one of the factors that makes Archero more special than all other archery games on mobile devices today. Most things are random, so every time you enter a game, you really don’t know how strong your opponent is, more or less.
It brings a high level of suspense and curiosity, making the player always concentrate on watching.

It is true that Archero repeated the gameplay and movements. But that doesn’t mean you will quickly get bored of it. Archero brings many random elements that make you feel uninteresting and its own features that you can’t find in other games.
Do not turn off the game in the middle

You may regret this action, because when you log back in, you may have to play again from the beginning. This is a mistake that can cause you to lose everything and come back from the starting line. It also makes you more angry than being shot to death.

Limit on energy

A minus point that most Archero players complain about is limited energy. Limited energy makes the number of times you try to shoot also become less. This makes each of your shooting efforts become more valuable. Every time slip is a huge regret ..
Energy limits your shots and it has a very slow reload speed. This makes you have to wait a long time to continue the game when the energy runs out. It can be said that this is a great minus point of this great game.


Archero gives players real thrill, excitement and fun. The creativity of developers in this game is highly appreciated, it is unique and much more prominent than the games of the same genre.

After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod, where you can turn on high damage and health ( turn on before the battle ).

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