AppLock Premium 3.1.8 (MOD, Unlocked)

Your phone is a fascinating door to the world of information, but don’t let it turn to the one for dangerous stuff to enter. Privacy is, I’d say, the most critical factor that we can’t compromise with, and the need for securing data has been in demand for a few years now. Applock is the key to data security, and it guarantees the safety of your files and applications.

Introduction to Applock

While most of the mobile app locker struggle to fulfill users’ demands, Applock has a place to shine. It’s not as buggy as the others, but it also has some excellent features that users can make use of with relative ease and comfort. The superiority of Applock to other app locker is even more apparent. The Android Authority has selected it to be one of the best free Android apps of 2019.

Upon starting up for the first time, Applock will prompt you to enter your email and set up a pattern. Once everything is complete, you will then be taken to its main interface. From here, you can begin to lock apps individually. Your email is for restoration procedures. We can sometimes forget our passcode or pattern, and the need for changing is a must. Your backup codes, or pattern order, will go to your email inbox if you forget your locking method.

Some key features of Applock Premium

Change between pattern or numeric locking system

The default for Applock is a pattern lock, but you can change to numbers. It’s not really a breakthrough in security, and I think it’s more of personal interest. However, I’d say that the numeric locking style is more secured.

This really takes your security to the next level. While your pattern will remain as it was when you set it up and will be prone to peepers, the numbers won’t walk the same way. You will need to remember them clearly, as the keyboard will change every time you use Applock. Say goodbye to anyone who peeks at your screen during your input! Anyway, if you want to take the easy way out, you can install Applock on devices with fingerprint sensors. Phones can integrate fingerprint security with this app.

Different profiles for locking

This is another feature that I find interesting about Applock. Several profiles can be created for your children, guests, home, and so on. Each has its own customization so that it locks certain apps from your subject. They can also be active at a specific time and location. For example, you can secure your social networking apps during your work hours. Keep in mind, though, that you can’t cut short your restriction period, as there isn’t a deactivation time.

What is more, you won’t need to access Applock every time you want to change your profiles. Home shortcuts can solve your problem, and you can activate them just by tapping and typing your password.

So, how does Applock lock your apps?

By making use of your passcode, or line pattern, Applock can put a restriction on individual apps. Upon clicking on them, it will require you to input the correct key to open. If you need more security, you can choose to hide your apps from the main screen temporarily. Applock will try to put some kind of coating to the app’s icon, and it’s nowhere to be seen.

What is more, there is an exciting way to set a lock on apps, which is the security question. Only you will know the answer to them, so that’s a bit trickier for invaders to figure out!

How does it perform?

I’ve used some mobile locking apps, but they tend to be laggy and easy to crash. They can even slow the entire system down without doing much to the overall security. Applock seems to avoid all of those issues, and it’s been pleasant using.

Smooth operation is something I’d want to point out in this Applock review. For a security app, speed is an essential factor, and Applock works like a charm. What is more, it doesn’t drain the battery much. Interestingly, the developers have even included the battery-saving mode in the app’s settings.

There are so many things that Applock can do, but it doesn’t take up much space inside my phone’s storage. It’s a huge bonus, as I didn’t have to sacrifice some other apps.

Does it look nice?

It works pleasantly already, but the visual impact has been massive! It has a slim, elegant feel to it, and I’m more convinced that it can do the work. Anyway, the Themes feature will allow you to make Applock look the way you want. Themes are various for this app, and they won’t affect the overall performance.

‘Unlock’ your ultimate Applock experience with our Mod version

We’re happy to introduce our Applock Mod version to you. The app can get the job done within a free subscription, but some features are lacking. Our mod will unlock the premium membership to you, and that comes with great benefits.

Have you ever wanted to store your photos and videos where no one can find them? Applock Premium is the key to your demand, and it has a safe vault for storing media. What is more, for extra security, you can add fake icons to your locked apps. For example, you can dress your Messages app with something like a Setting icon. Who wants to read them at first sight? Our mod has been tested many times, and there is no way we could have fussed with your data. Your security won’t be affected.

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