To do list, Calendar, Planner & Reminders (MOD, Premium)

Keep your life strategically with To do list, Calendar, Planner & Reminders now! This productivity application is the warhorse of its developer. Appeared lately on digital stores, has captured the massive success with more than ten million downloads on Google Play Store alone. Some of the features that play big parts in the act of the application are management and arrangement. The users can easily match the tools of the application with their work tasks. promises to bring more upgrades in the future to satisfy the demand of its growing market.

Get started with the app

The user can choose to sign up with an Apple, Google, Facebook, or email account. As the user creates an account, he can sync his tasks across all devices, back up his data in a secured, and private cloud. Even more, the member of can collaborate with his loved ones, family, or colleagues in work, tasks. This application is compatible with Siri, and the user can sync all of the reminders on his phone to the application as well. As long as the user turns Siri (virtual assistant) on, he can speak to his phone and get things done in a matter of seconds.

At the installation steps, the application allows the user to select his preferred view, and the user can always change his decision later. By pressing on the [+] button on the screen, the user starts to add his first task. There are plenty of tasks for the user to choose, such as Call, Check, Get, and more. Each task in the list of comes with detail notes that the user must modify if he wants to complete his task perfectly. For example, the user can set the priority, time, location, subtasks, and even notes for any of his actions. The application then arranges the tasks of the user in a time-table, from the present tense to the further future.

The grocery list is a breakthrough in the settings of This feature allows the user to make a list of groceries that his household is familiar to. For sure, this application gives tons of suggestions so the user never runs out of grocery ideas for his family. By adding grocery items to the list, the user can enjoy the moments of quick shopping without spending hours at the local store. gives the user the chance to instantly search for his desired lists of tasks. The standard version of the application enables the user to categorize his list by simple Tags, including Priority and No Tags. These functions provide a great deal of control and management, as the user always gets the shortest way to get access to his to-do lists.

Unexplainable functions To do list, Calendar, Planner & Reminders helps its user to live strategically, as it focuses on the things that matter to unlock the user’s true potential. To acquire this, it brings in the smart operating system to work with the user’s habit, and give out a suggestion to enhance the user’s actual live performance. For example, this application contains a calendar with full lists of the holidays within a year. At this point, the user doesn’t need to be afraid of forgetting any of the yearly special occasions. From groceries to paying bills, the application reminds the user to accomplish even the smallest tasks of his life. The user can simply input a task into the list of the application, and he will be noticed when the right time comes.

Everyone has several big goals but does not know how to achieve them in the right way. Luckily, they have to help them break down their big goals into numbers of actionable steps. As mentioned above, the application works mainly by the list of goals that the user inputs. Each list contains actions that help the user to get closer to the goal he desires.

With shared lists and assigned tasks, the user can get everyone around him to work in-sync. This function makes the application more effective than ever.

The great mechanics

With a large number of amazing features, this application might give the user a blast the first time using it because of the complicated interface. However, as the user gets used to what’s going on in the app, he will soon learn that has done its best in keeping itself as friendly as it can. At the moment, this application can work with tons of tasks from the user. It’s possible to believe that in the future, the manufacturer will release more upgrades to improve the productivity of this application.

In conclusion To do list, Calendar, Planner & Reminders is the number one application that you should use to build a better life. Just try this app once then you will love it. Have a nice day!

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