Antena View for Free Fire 7.0 (Original)

What is Antena View Free Fire? How does it work?

Garena Free Fire is a good battle royale game on mobile. Although it has very attractive gameplay and many great features to enjoy, there are also major drawbacks compared to other PC games. This game provides a detailed map where the players will fight in a survival match. However, the fact that everything is limited to a smartphone screen (only about 5-7 inches). So, it makes the experience not so comfortable. Sometimes, the details on the map make it difficult to detect opponents from afar. Antena View is a tool that can solve this problem. It allows users to easily see enemies from a distance and take them down.

As we said, Antena View is an add-on for Garena Free Fire, one of the most popular battle royale games today. This app has been released for a long time but it has only become popular recently. Antena View is a tool to mark the position of other players while you are on the battlefield by placing a long antenna on their hands or heads. So, you can see your opponent from every position on the map no matter where they hide.

Some note from us

modapkdl is not the person who developed and published this application. We just wanted to introduce you to the interesting features of this app. Also, there is a download link at the end of the article for you to install it. However, please note some points below:

Actually, Antena View is a game cheating tool that we don’t really encourage you to use. It makes the game unfair when you can see your opponent from afar even when they are hiding. Therefore, if you want a fun and balanced gaming experience, you probably shouldn’t use it.

At the moment, there have been many people using this app to easily win the game. Besides, a few confirmations of the account ban from the publisher. However, nothing is sure. So, we recommend that you use an extra game account to use it or use a VPN before logging in to the game to ensure that you are not banned from the IP. There are quite a few good VPN apps that we have introduced on the website, such as FlyVPN or VPN Express.

In addition, the developers of Free Fire regularly update new content or fix game errors. Sometimes, Antena View will not work. Fortunately, the updates for the app are usually released fairly as soon as possible. It is just released a few days after the new version of the game.

Some characteristics:

  • Easily locate enemies: The app automatically attaches an antenna to all players on the map. From there, you can detect enemies even when they are far away or hiding.
  • Identify Team-mate: Your teammates will have an antenna with a different appearance from the rest. So, you can distinguish them easily.
  • Safety: Antena View works smoothly and efficiently. There is almost no record of the account ban when using this app. However, you should use a secondary account to log in to the game.
  • Regular updates: Updates will be available for you as soon as the developer releases a new version for Free Fire.

How to install and use the app

Please follow the instructions below to install and use Antena View without any difficulties.
You need:

  • Free Fire game is available on your device.
  • APK file of the application will be in the device memory (Download at the link below)

Install and use:

  • Open the APK file and select “Install”. After that, you can wait a bit for the installation process to complete.
  • Open the application. Then, you will see that it requests permission to access the photos, media, and memory in the device. Please select Accept.
    At the application’s main screen, users can select an option to turn on Antena (Head or Hand)
  • Open the game and enjoy it.


Antena View is a useful tool, which helps gamers easily detect opponents in the game Garena Free Fire. From there, you can easily win. Besides, the app is appreciated by safety and regular updates. Readers can download it at the link below.

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