Angry Birds Rio 2.6.13 (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

The new interesting story

Angry Birds Rio has similar gameplay to the Angry Birds versions. However, at this time, you will experience a whole new story. Instead of fighting pigs, the task of the player in Angry Birds Rio is to rescue captured birds. In the game, you have to adjust the angle and force of the shoot to destroy the birdcages.

Also, gamers will face new obstacles, which will move like hanging lights or string. This is a new challenge and causes many difficulties for players in making an accurate shot. Proper firing angle and power is not enough. It would be best if you also made the right timing to avoid obstacles. Moreover, you have to pay attention to their movement trajectories and make the most accurate shot.

Addictive gameplay

If you are the one who has played the games in the Angry Birds series, it is easy to see that Angry Birds Rio has completely similar gameplay. In the game, players will use their fingers to drag the angry bird on the slingshot, adjust the force and angle of fire then release to destroy the targets. This is a familiar topic, and you can easily find titles with similar gameplay on Google Play.

Besides, both Angry Birds Rio and the Angry Birds series have created a great gaming trend for players in the world. Every time a new version of Angry Birds appears, it immediately receives an enthusiastic response. Whether you have ever played another Angry Birds game, but you also want to experience and conquer the entire game screen of Angry Birds Rio. This attraction is thanks to the diverse game levels of the Angry Birds series. They are designed with diversity without any duplications. Each game screen will have different obstacles and new challenges, requiring players to be really careful to make accurate shots.

Coins and power-ups

Bird Coins is the only currency in Angry Birds Rio, which helps you buy power-ups. In the game, Bird Coins are quite hard to earn. You will receive the number of coins corresponding to the number of stars you receive in the game screen (maximum of 3 stars). However, the number of coins received is also relatively small. Meanwhile, the price of the power-ups is much higher. If you want more Bird Coins, you can buy them in the game store.

The power-ups in the game:

  • Power Potion: Make your birds bigger and stronger, helping you destroy many obstacles in one shot.
  • Sling Scope: Help your shot achieve absolute accuracy
  • TNT Drop: Drop 3 explosive boxes into random positions on the obstacles. They will explode when birds or objects fall into them.
  • Power of Samba: Causes the buildings shaking and even destroy them immediately.
  • Call the Flock: This item causes a great storm to destroy the obstacles.
  • Mighty Eagle: Clear any level.

If you use Angry Birds Rio MOD we provide, you can buy all of them for free and without limitation.


Angry Birds Rio gives players a new experience and storyline. Besides, the gameplay is both familiar and strange. Victory depends mostly on the skill of the player. Moreover, you can use power-ups to overcome difficult levels. This is a free game that comes with in-app purchases. Also, we bring you the latest mod version of the game, so you can download and install it for free at the link below.

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