Alight Motion PRO 3.2.1 (MOD, All Unlocked)

About Alight Motion App

Alight Motion is a professional motion design application for smartphones and tablets. It was developed and published by Alight Creative, Inc. At the moment, users can create videos with colorful and vivid motion effects right on Android Smartphones thanks to this application. Besides, you can use an advanced set of photo editing tools, which is similar to professional apps on your PC. Users can now customize colors, add images or audio, export MP4, GIF animation files and share them easily. In this article, we provide you with the latest mod version of the app with full advanced features. Moreover, all the features in this version have been unlocked.

What can Alight Motion PRO do?

Alight Motion is not an all-in-one tool for video editing like Adobe LightRoom. It tends to the unique and specialized features that you don’t often find in other video editing applications. Here are its key features:

Create customizable animations

Alight Motion possesses powerful features that help users to
present extremely beautiful effects. The most typical is the Keyframe
animation. This feature will make static objects more vivid. Moreover, users
can customize the appearance of objects and make them move in an orbit by
combining the keyframe and timeline.

Impressive effects

Alight Motion has a repository of dozens of different effects. Besides, they are constantly updated to help users more excited. In the app, effects are divided into topics, such as Text, Drawing, Color & Light, Blur, Procedural… This will help users can easily find their favorite effects, which are corresponding to the objects. For example, if you want to add motion to your text, you should look for them in Effect> Text.

Typing text with your favorite font

Alight Motion has thousands of fonts for users to choose from. However, not every font can be found in the app. The feature to import fonts from external sources will help you can use all your favorite fonts without any difficulties. To type fonts, users first need to create a project, click the plus sign at the bottom of the screen and select Text> View All Fonts to open a list of available fonts. After that, you select Import Fonts in the menu in the left corner of the screen. Then, select the font you need to type in the internal memory. Most font files you download from shared websites are stored as compressed files. The application is not able to recognize this file format, so you need to decompress it before importing it.

Export files into multiple formats

Convenience is always the advantage of mobile applications. Users can edit and share their work anywhere, even on traveling. Alight Motion is no exception, which integrates many features to help users share with friends or post on social networks. You can export your work as an MP4 video, animated GIF, PNG, and many other popular formats.

Besides, we have a small note for you that you should choose
the resolution and frame rate appropriate for the purpose. Videos with a high
resolution and frame rate will require a lot of processing time and consume a
large number of device resources. For example, if you are trying to process a
4K video, you will probably need to convert it to a lower resolution. The
processing of large video files is really unnecessary in many cases and takes
up much memory space. Even high-end smartphones face problems handling
high-resolution video and frame rates.

At the moment, mobile devices cannot handle video as powerful as PC. Because of this, you have to customize your video quality accordingly. For example, if you want to post on facebook or Instagram, 720p resolution is sufficient to satisfy the needs of viewers.

Easy to share

After finishing editing, users can save videos to the device’s memory or share them with everyone. You can share Videos directly on popular social networks like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Besides, the option to send the file via email is also available.

The detailed instructions

Unlike other popular photo and video editors like Picsart or PhotoDirector, Alight Motion is quite difficult to use. It is aimed at those who have a little knowledge of technology and graphic design. However, do not worry if you do not know how to use this application because the developer has provided detailed instructions about the features.

Just select the “Tutorials” tab to access all the tutorials around Alight Motion. Also, you can visit the support website from the developer or the official YouTube channel to see the details. Besides, there are sample projects available for you to download for analysis and try.

Overall, using Alight Motion is a bit complicated. However, when you master it, the results are truly amazing.

About Membership package and Mod version

Alight Motion is free to use, but there are some advanced
features that you need to register and pay with real money to use. Besides, the
free version comes with Watermark (copyright stamp). The option to remove it is
only available for paid accounts. Here are the advanced features that users
will enjoy when registering for Alight Motion membership:

  • Removing WaterMark forever
  • More exclusive features are Keyframes and Easing, Bright Contrast, Blending, Vector Graphics, etc.

If you have enough condition and want to have more great options to edit the video better, you can upgrade to a Pro package to support the developer. Besides, we also have another option for you to access and use these features without paying any cost thanks to the latest mod version in this article. Readers just download and install the APK file and install it as usual. After that, you will have the app Alight Motion Pro for free.


  • Please remove an old version of the application in the device if any.
  • You do not need root access to use this app


Alight Motion is a mobile application that helps users
create short videos with professional effects. You can download the free app on
the app store. Users can use almost all features without having to pay a penny.
However, if you want to experience the advanced features and remove the
Watermark, you should sign up for VIP membership or use the mod that we
provided in this article. Readers can download the app at the link below.

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