Adobe Lightroom CC 5.2.2 (Mod, Premium)

About Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Nowadays, users tend to use smartphones and tablets more than a bulky PC. Because of this, developers like Adobe Systems are also taking more care for mobile applications. They have to always meet the need for easy usage and friendly interface. So, some features of Adobe Lightroom on PC have been removed. But most of the main features are available. Besides, the developer is also constantly adding new features after each update to make the application more complete.

Adobe Lightroom is a free application to download. To use the application, you need to log in with your Facebook, Google or Adobe ID account. In addition, if you want to improve the experience, you can pay to own the Premium package. We have also provided you with this application’s APK file, allowing you to use the Premium features for free.

Premium Features

  • Unlock all advanced editing tools
  • Copy original photos without reducing the size to cloud memory. You can access them at any time on other mobile devices.
  • Add tags automatically to the subject of photos with Adobe Sensei. This feature will help categorize photos that you can search them again more easily.
  • Unlock Healing Brush – a powerful tool to help you remove objects from the image no matter how large they are.
  • Possess a powerful toolset: Geometry, Upright and Guided Upright to adjust the perspective of the picture.
  • Import raw images from the camera to the phone via USB On-The-Go cable and edit them.
  • Create online photo collections and share them with everyone easily. Also, the synchronization feature will help you update your collection.
  • Smart identification feature helps automatically arrange images of friends. You can find anyone you like.
  • Reduce image editing time with a batch editing feature. It is very useful if you want to edit similar images.

The key features of Adobe Lightroom

Add a watermark to the image

Adding a watermark to your photos is the simplest way to mark copyrighted images. Also, it is a good way to help many people know you. Besides, you can add nickname, website or Instagram username on it. This feature does not support adding watermark in the form of images and logos, only allowing users to add text. To do this job is quite simple. First, you need to access the settings panel and select Preferences. Next, make sure that the Sharing with watermark option in the Sharing Options section is activated. Here, users can change the text content, customize the font and size as well as reposition the watermark on photos.

Edit the sky bright

The bright sky often makes the image lose detail, especially on the horizon. Some scenes will be dimmed by strong light. Adobe Lightroom’s Linear Gradient tool will help you edit such photos for more beautiful and recover the lost details of the photo. The main object below the horizon will also be more prominent and increase the details for the overall picture.

To edit the picture, users simply use the Linear Gradient tool and drag from above the image to the horizon then drag the Exposure bar to adjust the brightness. Make sure you drag the Exposure bar to the left to make the sky darker.

Adjust tonality and contrast

Tone Curve is a powerful tool. It helps you handle flat images and makes the details of your photos stand out and more vivid or simply customized to create an impressive and unique image. All you need to do is drag the points on the curve to the appropriate locations where you feel the picture is perfect.

Integrate the camera

The developer of Adobe Lightroom carefully invested in this app’s photo shooter. You can almost see all the common and necessary features. Besides, the image shows high detail, as good as the phone’s default camera. Also, the application supports the full features of automatic shooting and manual adjustment. Users can apply color filters to create a more beautiful picture. In addition, if you are using a device running iOS, you can enable the HDR feature to produce better images by accessing the Technology Previews section and enabling the HDR Support option. This feature does not support the Android operating system.

Copy Settings

On the Lightroom PC software, users can synchronize their edits to other photos quickly. On the mobile version, this feature is also supported for the Premium package. However, for the free version, you can only choose an alternative solution that is Copy Settings feature. Users can copy all or part of the photo settings to another picture by using the copy & paste operation. This will help you shorten the editing time for similar images. If there are some Settings that can be applied on any image, you can try to set it on a picture and copy those edits to other photos. You can completely edit the photos without any difficulties. This tip will help you save time.

Users guideline

Compared to mobile editing applications like VSCO or Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom is more difficult to use. Users cannot understand and use features without instruction. Therefore, the developer already has an item to guide users on how to use it. You don’t need to watch videos or read a long paragraph. Instead, the app will help you understand how to edit by displaying the instructions right on the edit interface and circle the options you need to click.


Following the success of photo editing applications for PC, developer Adobe Systems is constantly releasing mobile versions. Adobe Lightroom helps users to use powerful editing features, which were previously available only on the PC version. With a powerful toolset and an available photo editor, Adobe Lightroom can help you create beautiful photos quickly and share it with your friends via social networks and online photo collections. If you want a better experience, you can buy the Premium package to unlock all the advanced features.

Note: You don’t need to log in. Just click on “X” sign on the right-hand corner on sign up screen and it works.

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