Bloons TD Battles 6.6.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Players around the world can search for the game by using the keyword “BTDB”. Bloons TD Battles are available on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. The game is all free, which means the players can easily download it without making a payment. Before Bloons TD Battles made its debut on the mobile platforms, it had been a stapler in the windows gaming market.

What to expect in Bloons TD Battles?

If you are an animal lover, then you will have a chance to cast yourself as a superb monkey coach and to hang around with the other funny friends in the game world of Bloons TD Battles. However, you should not miss the concept of the game, which features severe battles between you and your opponent.

A surprising gameplay

What shall you do in Bloons TD Battles? The answer is quite clear if you zoom into all the different game modes at the start screen. Among ‘Quick Play’, ‘Tournament’, and ‘Play with friends’, which one would you choose to start your gameplay?

Your opponent’s life must be a priority. In the game, you win if you reduce your opponent’s lives to zero. In Assault Mode, you can win the battles by sending Bloons past your opponent’s defenses, and at the same time building strong security against their Bloons.

You start the game by placing a Dart Monkey into the game ground. The monkeys will be your towers, and they will try their best to pop the Bloons going past. The Bloons keep getting stronger, which means you will need to keep on building up your defense. The game enables the players to purchase new towers, upgrades and even send Bloons at their opponents using Cash. Every few seconds, an income value will deposit into your Cash.

Other than the monkeys, the players can place Bomb towers, which are great for grouped balloons. However, each tower has its strengths and weaknesses that you will need to take advantage of if you want to win the game.

Sending Bloons is an essential part of every battle in Bloons TD Battles since it not only helps you to make your opponent lose life but also increases the amount of income you receive.

The most wanted features

As said above, before entering the mobile gaming market, Bloons TD Battles used to be a video game just for Windows. The game’s debut on the mobile platform also marks the debut of new features that were not brought to its original game.

Private Matches

First of all, The Private matches allow the players to choose the track and send an invitation through the server of Game Center. In addition to that, whenever the players unlock a tower, they can only work with the tier 1 and 2 since the tier 3 and 3 need Medallions.

Cool tutorial and game currency

Secondly, there is a CPU-controlled tutorial which helps the players to comprehend their battles better. The tutorial is one of the most significant developing points of Bloons TD Battles, as all the elements in one action come with a detailed explanation. The players can enjoy the exclusive tracks that are not available in the Windows version of the game. The Heli-Pilot, Bloonchipper, Monkey Engineer and COBRA are now the “unlockable” elements in the game, which entertains the players in an alternative way with lots of incredible kinds of stuff.

Furthermore, the game does not require the players for energy while playing it, which leads to the fact that nothing can limit how often one player plays. However, the energy turns to be a currency, which helps the players to purchase boosters and items.

The irreplaceable tournament

Last but not least, the Tournaments is available for the players to battle against each other, with up to sixteen players in one match. The winner is the last one standing in the playground after several cuts down by two. Any club member can create tournaments.

MOD Money in Bloons TD Battles

Every game becomes more exciting with the help of a MOD. Bloons TD Battles also have one, and it’s a MOD Money. As its name indicates, this MOD offers you unlimited game currency, which means you will work less but still make bank. What a great deal!
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Bloons TD Battles are one of the most successful video games from developers, so why don’t you capture this chance and make the most out of this game? It will be a promising adventure for you and your friends. Have fun!

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