AIDS – Deezer Downloader 1.046-release (Original)

About AIDS – Deezer Downloader

You have probably heard of Deezer Music, popular music streaming service on Android, iOS, and Windows. With a database of over 60 million songs and high-quality music albums, Deezer is definitely a great service for those who love music. However, only paid users can download content on Deezer Music. However, it is not impossible to download songs on Deezer now even if you are not a member. There are many tools that can help you do this, AIDS – Deezer Downloader is such a great tool for you to do that.

Currently, AIDS – Deezer Downloader is only available for the Android platform. It works similarly to other Deezloader apps when it allows users to access the huge music database of the Deezer service and download songs at high quality. However, AIDS is more prominent compares to other products of the same category. It has a simple interface, easy to use and stable connection quality.

This application is completely independent from the Deezer app. You don’t even need a free Deezer account to be able to download songs. Also, the app allows you to store music at 320kbps or Flac, in any folder of your phone’s memory card.

The key features of AIDS

  • Powerful search engine: You can search for any song on AIDS. As soon as you open the app, don’t be surprised when everything is empty. You just type the keyword you want into the search bar and the results will quickly appear and fill your screen. AIDS provides a simple but powerful search engine. The results are divided into each option, including Tracks, Album and Musician. With a database of nearly 60 million songs, you can definitely find your favorite song on AIDS.
  • Preview: After the results appear, users just touch the tracks to download. Here, you can see the information about the track, such as name, musician, duration, downloads. In particular, there is a Preview button, allowing you to play a segment of songs to ensure that this is exactly the result you want.
  • Download high quality: The application allows you to download multimedia content with high quality. Besides downloading a single song, you can even download entire albums with just one touch. There are 3 sound quality options which are 128kbps, 320kbps and FLAC. If there is no high-quality requirement, you only need to choose 320kbps. However, if you like perfection and are using a good headset, you can have the ultimate music experience with FLAC quality level.
  • Customizations: Before downloading, you can change the storage directory as you like. Also, you can choose the default download file quality. Besides, there are many other options such as downloading lyrics, automatically creating folders when downloading Albums, limiting the number of displayed results, etc.

Where can I download AIDS – Deezer Downloader?

AIDS – Deezer Downloader is a free application. It was developed by an independent programmer whose account is Nick80835 on Github. You can’t find it on the Play Store. Therefore, you can only install it with an APK file. As stated in the article, we have provided you with the necessary file to install AIDS – Deezer Downloader. All you need to do is download the APK file below and install it as usual. At the first access, the application needs to access to the device’s memory. At this point, you should accept it.


Generally, AIDS – Deezer Downloader is one of the best music
downloaders on Google Play. The application allows you to search and download
your favorite songs in high quality. Don’t forget to choose a good enough music
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