ADW Launcher 2 (MOD, Premium)

About ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2 is one of the most popular Launcher on Android. You can find it easily from Google Play. The app has received more than 10 million downloads and a lot of positive reviews from users. Besides, ADW Launcher 2 brings a lot of essential features of a good Launcher on Android. It allows you to customize and optimize the device’s interface. Despite offering many unique features, ADW Launcher 2 has a very light capacity of only 13MB. You can even install ADW Launcher 2 on low-end devices.

Besides, ADW Launcher 2 provides an option that allows you need to pay with real money to unlock advanced features (Premium). However, not everyone has enough condition to buy it. Therefore, we can help you download and use ADW Launcher 2 Premium for free with the APK file in this article. First of all, let’s see the key features of the app below!

The key features

Provide many themes and icons

ADW Launcher 2 is an open interface personalization application, in which users can change different themes. It will end the time when you are restricted by the default icons of the system application. With ADW Launcher 2, you can add any icons on Google Play. You just download and apply them in “ADW Settings”.

Smooth operation

ADW Launcher 2 is very light that only occupy a little bit of phone memory. The developer has designed the app as simple as possible, but still offers the full functionality. Besides, it provides a lot of transition effects for pages on the main screen or on the App Drawer. In addition to choosing a certain effect, you can grant for the Random program to automatically refresh the transition effect after each time you swipe. It will make you always interested in.

Add the widget to the home screen

Some applications on Android will support widgets such as calendar, clock, Gmail, streaming music… ADW Launcher 2 allows users to display any widget on the main screen with any number of space (as long as the widgets are not duplicated).

Customization of the home screen layout and application list

You can change different density like 3×4, 4×5, 6×6… to suit your device’s screen size and ratio. This seems to be simple, but it will optimize the visibility on the device, making it easier to arrange the layout, thereby finding applications easier.

Multi-functional searching mechanism

As the name “Multifunction”, ADW Launcher 2 search bar not only helps you search for applications but it can also find the name of the contacts, phone logs, message logs, emails… if you grant access permission.


This is a common function on the Launcher for Android. If you have ever used Nova Launcher Prime, you will be familiar with this. In ADW Launcher 2, the app allows users to assign functions for a lot of touches and swipes on the device screen. Besides, you can customize them in the device’s settings. Moreover, the gesture is the fastest way to help you operate without taking too much action. For example, you just need to tap twice on the screen to turn off the phone; swipe one finger down to open the status bar; swipe 2 fingers up to take a screenshot… There are many options for you to choose from depending on your habits.

Smart folder

ADW Launcher 2 will help you manage applications by different topics and functions such as tools, games, multimedia… or with any preference you want. Besides, it allows you to customize the color of each Folder, name it (you can use the icon for adding personality).

Hide any application

With ADW Launcher 2, you can hide any applications that you do not often use or you want to hide some secret applications. To open the hidden application, you simply enter the application name in the search box. Then, ADW Launcher 2 will automatically display the application.

Call Google Assistant at the home screen

You can set the Google Assistant to open by the gesture, or you can call with the “OK Google” command if you have enabled this function in Assistant Settings. You just grant voice recording permissions to the application. All processes work smoothly as the original Google Launcher.

App Dock feature

You can add commonly used applications to the App Dock bar for faster access. In ADW Launcher 2, App Dock can be customized by different positions, colors, sizes, themes.

Backup and Restore

This feature allows users to back up the application layout and all installation options in ADW Settings. To restart your device or change a new device, you simply log in to your account and restore it quickly.

The configuration requirements and installation instructions

Regarding the required configuration, ADW Launcher 2 is very light, even lighter than the original Launchers from Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi… So, you can install it on most devices. Even though there are minimum configuration requirements, your device needs to run Android os 5.0 or higher with 1GB of RAM and at least 20MB of free memory.

Besides, with ADW Launcher 2 Premium, you have to pay to download and use the advanced features. After upgrading, you can add special transition effects, add App Drawer styles, remove ads and more. Moreover, you only need to pay once and use it permanently. ADW Launcher 2 has provided most of the features needed in the free version. Please follow the instructions below to install the app:

  • Download the zip file we provided. Then save it to your device.
  • Access Settings -> Security and activate the option “Unknown Sources” (You can find this option when typing it into the search bar in settings).
  • Using Solid explorer File Manager to extract files that you downloaded, then you get 2 APK files.
  • Install them all as usual.
  • All done!


  • Mips/Mips64 processor not supported, I removed the support.
  • ADWNotifier2 after install will crash, the issue is from developer side he does work without asking CALENDER PERMISSION, so go to Device Settings > Apps > Provide
  • Notifier CALENDER PERMISSION > Issue Fixed (Also comes on play store version as well).
  • ENJOY THE QUALITY, everything works unlike unbaked version released on the internet right now!
  • WARNING:- Don’t use other than education/test/research purposes!
  • ADW Notifier Included in the zip file.


If you are bored with the default Android interface, you can try the new experience with ADW Launcher 2. The application is available on Google Play for free to download. However, if you want to access advanced features, you need to upgrade to a Premium account. Do not worry because we have provided you with the latest version of ADW Launcher 2 MOD, allowing you to access Premium features and use them for free. If you have any questions about the app, please leave a comment below.

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