Aistory 2.3.4 (Original)

About Aistory

Are you genuine in reading who can spend most of the time to find and read good books? But you can’t enjoy full of the chapters and pages on the websites and you can’t wait to read the new one. Don’t be sad and worry because the solution is nowhere. This is Aistory, an amazing reading application that you are looking for. 

Aistory contains an enormous collection of novels from places to places, a lovely interface, and great recommendations. Moreover, the special of this app is newly updated novels daily so you can read the new ones every day without worrying about nothing to enjoy.  With over one million downloads, this app will suit all of your desires and dreams.   

Some key features of Aistory

Aistory contains a ton of interesting comics that you can enjoy whenever you want. Not only that, but you can also enjoy other special functions that will make you surprises.

Easy access – Easy read

Once you completed the installation process, your mission is just simply open the app and enjoy the fancy world of Aistory. It doesn’t take a long time to download and open the app, so, you can’t be annoying. Moreover, you can easily choose a good novel that is available to recommend and read it rapidly once tap it. Just one click and a beautiful world are opening in front of your eyes.

A huge collection of hot novels

Once you enter the world of Aistory, you will know why this app is believed by a million of installers. There are a lot of novels in all kinds from the mysteries, detective, thrillers, realist to the hot one, romantic. The novels here are from many authors all over the world. You may find your favorite author here. The title of the novels also attracts you at first sight. When you dive into these interesting novels, you may not find the entrance to escape.

Hot and updated comics daily

Every day and every night, the developments of this app also attempt to bring you more impressive and hot comics. You don’t need to think about what comics or novels you should read today after waking up. Each day, a ton of imposing and fascinating novels is updated to this app to please the readers’ wants. So, you can reach a new novel with new attractive content and new authors.

Comfortable reading experiences

This app always brings the readers with an elegant experience. It is designed with delicate typesetting that makes your eyes not be tired each time you read in a long time. Moreover, you can have a lot of choices with diverse unique and special reading page topics. An old topic you completed reading, a new topic the app update to you. So, you can enjoy your comics in any posture you like including sitting, standing up or even lying. You can choose a comfortable posture to read your favorites.

Personalized Recommendation

If you are a newbie and you don’t know what to read, just check out at the recommendations to find a good one and enjoy it. There are a lot of recommendations for interesting and impressive books for you every day. So, if you finished your old book, look at these personalized recommendations to find a good one. Moreover, you won’t need to depend too much on your old book shortage. 

Interesting rewards – beans

Your mission is just reading and all of the others just let this app does. You don’t need to pay anything to read your favorite novels because it’s free for some novels. However, if you want to read the hot and new one, sometimes you have to pay an amount of money to enjoy it. But are there any ways to read them without paying?

The answer is yes, you can log in to the app by using your Facebook or Gmail account. Once you log in you can receive a reward which is counted as beans. The more beans you have, the more impressive novels you can read. Moreover, each time you invite a friend to download this app, you can also earn beans. So, let do the tasks and earn beans now to enjoy the full word of Aistory. 

Try to create your own and update it 

You aren’t only a reader, but you can also be the writer for this app. If you have the idea and want to turn it to the content and update it to the app, everything is available. You just need to come to the side and update your products. You can also earn real money if you require and you gain enough readers. You may feel very happy if lots of other readers enjoy your comics, right?


Nothing better than enjoy your favorite novel without limits and freely, right? So, what else are you waiting for? Install Aistory now and enjoy the full world of this huge collection. Moreover, you can earn real money from this app by trying to update your comics. Don’t miss this perfect chance.

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