Adobe Photoshop Touch 9.9.9 (MOD, Unlocked)

About Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe Photoshop Touch is an advanced photo editing application for mobile operating systems. At the moment, it is available on Android and iOS. The application possesses features that were previously only available on PC such as inserting objects into the picture, changing object colors or creating advanced art effects.

Besides, the toolbars in Adobe Photoshop Touch will help users perform complex editing steps. In the app, the features are limited only by your creativity. In which, combining tools, color filters and drag bars are what you need to do to create a beautiful picture.

The key features of Adobe Photoshop Touch

The simplified interface

If you have ever used Photoshop software on a PC, it is not difficult to get the positions of the toolbars. Also, the app’s interface has been redesigned to be more friendly for mobile as well as helps them easily operate on the touch screen. Most users can remember each location of editing tools after several uses. Besides, the interface is displayed in the same horizontal direction as on the PC. There is a difference between a smartphone and a tablet.

Change the color of the object

This feature helps you change the color of the object in the photo without affecting its details. You should choose monochromatic areas and not be blended by other colors. For example, you can change your blue shirt to red or change your black hairstyle to a more prominent color like red or green. It is very easy. Please see the instruction below:

First, users need to use the Magic Wand tool and touch the color area that you want to change. After that, you change the Tolerance index to 50 to prevent edge artifacts. If you use a small screen phone, you may have difficulty dragging the slider to an exact indicator. At this point, you can touch the number section and use the numeric keypad to type. To do this, you can access “Adjustments -> Colour Balance and drag the Red, Green and Blue sliders to select new colors for the subject.

Insert objects to a photo

In many cases, you want to add an object to the picture to make them impressive or simply add an absent member to the family photo. You can combine 2 separate photos into a single one so that you will have a full family photo. Besides, the Scribble Selection tool will help you make photo compositions quickly and simply.

Create funny photos

Adobe Photoshop Touch supports the in-app snapshot. You can combine any image into a portrait or landscape photograph for more fun. Imagine that you wore a pirate hat or there would be a lion behind. This is interesting. Also, Camera Fill tool will help you create unique photos immediately without having to edit after shooting. To make the image more realistic, the image should be in the transparent form.

Artistic photo

Adobe Photoshop Touch provides dozens of tools to help users turn ordinary photos into unique artistic photos. You can check out these tools at Effect> Artistic. For example, the Pencil tool will help you create an extremely impressive black and white pencil sketch from color photos; Comic tool helps your photos become more attractive by turning objects, people into a comic drawing. Many other artistic tools are waiting for you to discover. Don’t forget to drag the sliders to adjust the level of editing for your photos.

The Antique photos effect

Combining editing tools and effects makes your recent photos look like they were created more than 100 years ago. By combining Sunny Afternoon and Old Sepia effects in the Effects section, you will quickly have an old photo to post on social networks and show off to your friends.

Clean up background

A beautiful photo can be ruined by unwanted objects appearing in the photo. Adobe Photoshop Touch provides users with useful tools to remove any object you want. You can do this by using the Feather and Inverse tools in the Select section.

Add text

Adding text to images is a basic feature, which is almost available on all photo editing applications today. This feature will help users to mark copyright or simply send a congratulatory message to their friends. With Adobe Photoshop Touch, users can easily add text by creating a text layer. You just click on the text field to change the text. Besides, the application also allows users to change the font, size, text color and add shadow or other effects to the text.

Detailed guideline

If you have never used any similar editing applications before, you may have some difficulty. To be able to create a complete image, users need to use a combination of tools together as well as some adjustment parameters. This can be a challenge for inexperienced users.

Understanding this, the developer Adobe has integrated a detailed instruction right from the home screen so that you can access them at any time. Many people still believe that the instructions included in Tutorials are all features of the application. But these are just suggestions to help users make good modifications. You can completely create new changes by changing the editing parameters or using different tools together.

How to download and install?

Adobe has announced that they no longer develop Adobe Photoshop Touch. That means there won’t be any future updates. Besides, the developer will focus on other products, Adobe Photoshop Express Premium and Adobe Lightroom. In general, this is not too bad because Adobe Photoshop Touch can still provide photo editing tools that are good enough for every user experience. You will of course not be able to find it on Play Store or App Store but we can still help you install and use it for free. Please follow our instructions below:

  • Download the APK file we provide below and then save it to your device.
  • Open the APK file, tap “Install” and wait for the installation process to complete.
  • All done! Open the app and enjoy.


Adobe Photoshop Touch is a powerful mobile photo editing application for fastidious users. If you want to make your modifications, cut out images and don’t want to depend on the features available, you should download and use Adobe Photoshop Touch. The application provides users with full features to perform all your creations. Also, you can refer to the recommended parameters and tools in Tutorials for more understanding.

However, when you understand the utility of the tools, you can completely different, use other tools and drag the sliders to the position you want to create a unique photo. Besides, Adobe Photoshop Touch supports images up to 12 megapixels, making it possible for users to create a high-resolution picture. Many advanced features are waiting for you to explore. You can download the application at the link below.

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