Adguard Premium 3.5.14ƞ (Mod, Unlocked)

The Best ad-blocking App on Android!

Adguard – Block Ads Without Root is the most powerful ad-blocking application on Android today. It is released by Adguard Software, which is specializing in providing the ad-blocking solutions on PC. Currently, the app is available on most popular platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS. With Adguard – Block Ads Without Root, you can remove most types of ads in the application and web browser without affecting the performance of the program. Besides, it can also act as a file management tool and protect your privacy. In particular, Adguard does not require root permissions to operate. In this article, we bring you Adguard Premium latest version. When using a Premium account, you have access to the advanced features of the app. Moreover, we give you a detailed instruction to install Adguard – Block Ads Premium for free.

Why should we use Adguard?

The Internet is a large space where provides and stores users’ information through HTTP and https protocols. We only need a mobile device with an internet connection (3G, 4G, Wifi) to access all the websites we want to find information. Everything has two sides. It is undeniable about the great benefit of the Internet. However, it also contains many risks of danger. If you access unsafe websites, you can become a victim of cyber-security attacks, stolen personal information, malicious code, and many other dangerous things.

We bet you usually spend a lot of time browsing the web with smartphones because of its convenience. However, the security of Android devices is always a big problem. There are many holes for bad guys to exploit and harm your device. Therefore, you need an app to protect your phone and your activities on the internet from these dangers. Many applications can do this well, but they are often difficult to use and require Root permission. If you are having a headache to choose one, you have come to the right place. In this article, we suggest you the best application to block ads, protect your device from unsafe websites, and especially do not need root access. It is Adguard – Block Ads.

Adguard Premium works effectively, strongly, and safely. It can completely remove malicious ads on websites or in other applications. Besides, the application collects data from millions of websites around the world. After that, it evaluates and classifies them. You can easily stay away from unsafe websites or malicious ads.

Some outstanding features

As mentioned, Adguard – Block Ads works effectively on most Android devices (Root or not). Not only does it allow ad blocking but the app also offers many other great features for protecting users from the dangers of the internet. Besides, you can also access the advanced features when upgrading your account to Premium. Here are the outstanding features of Adguard – Block Ads Premium:

Block ads and does not require root access

On the market, there are quite a lot of ad-blocking applications for Android. However, most of them require your device to be rooted to use it. The fact that the rooted device is at risk of being infiltrated, monitored, and easily lost data or brick. But Adguard – Block Ads Without Root is different. It can work on devices that do not require root. You only need to allow the application to read the internet connection data then it will find and block advertising sites on web browsers, applications, and games. The process takes place automatically and does not cost much performance and device memory. Besides, the app provides dozens of smart filters. Also, it is updated regularly to ensure the most effective work.

Show filter diary

The list of advertising sites that Adguard blocks will be listed in the Filtering section. You can view and copy the information of such sites: Event type, Status, Domain, Remote Address, Content type, Size… Users can disable a single site and block all sites with the same address easily.

Application management

Currently, some applications secretly install the monitoring programs and automatically send information to the server. Users can hardly detect them. But when using Adguard, suspicious access will be controlled and removed if they harm your device. Besides, Adguard also manages applications on the device with information such as traffic, the number of commands, filtered ads, amount of data saved, … It is different from the system program, which only shows the status of memory and Ram flow, application access.

Network Management

Adguard – Block Ads Premium can access and manage detailed parameters of HTTPS connection protocol (Filter Websites with an Extended Validation Certificate, Filter Blacklist, Filter Whitelist…), Proxy (Add a proxy server, integrate with Tor Browser), Filtering method (Local VPN, Local HTTPS). You will quickly access to foreign sites, sites that are blocked or slowed down at your local IP address.

Protect the device

By allowing Adguard Premium to have access to the data and running in the background, Adguard will protect your device from the risk of information theft, viruses in the websites and applications. But for the best protection, you should be in the habit of installing trusted applications, restricting access to strange websites, checking files before downloading. Also, we have introduced some great tools to help protect your device completely, Malwarebytes Premium.

Battery statistics

Adguard Premium – Block Ads can also statistics battery management information, even more, detailed parameters of the system. In addition to viewing usage time, battery usage of each application…, Adguard also analyzes the process of using CPU, the process of running underground devices, traffic via Wifi or mobile data. Besides, the app provides you with a chart of the most recent 24-hour use. It helps you know the most active application as well as the battery consumption of each application.

Save data

With the ability to filter ads, it means that the videos, advertising panels from the application and the website will be removed. The amount of data for downloading ads will no longer be available. From there, the device will save a large amount of data. Also, it helps your device works smoother.

Configuration requirements 

Adguard Premium is quite light, which can be installed on most devices. However, for the application to work best, your device needs to meet some requirements below:

  • Android: Android 4.0.3 or higher with 1GB RAM or more and at least 15MB of internal memory.
  • iOS: iOS version 11.0 or higher.

How to install Adguard Premium?

We have just introduced you to all the outstanding features of Adguard – Block Ads. We believe that you are interested in it. If you are ready to download and experience Adguard – Block Ads Premium, please follow our instructions below:

  • Download the APK file we provided then save it to your device.
  • Make sure your device has enabled the application to be installed from an unknown source.
  • Open the APK file, tap Install and wait for the process to complete.
  • That’s it! Now, you can open and enjoy the app right away.


At the first visit, the application suggests that you make some quick settings. At this point, you can skip it. However, we recommend that you do this step because it is really useful. Here, the application allows you to block more than 4,000 websites, which have been rated as malicious. There are 3 Privacy Levels that you can choose:

  • Comfortable: Block all known Analytics, low third-party cookie lifetimes.
  • High: Low All cookie lifetimes, remove tracking parameters from URLs. You will need to login on the website periodically.
  • Ultimate: Disabling browser capabilities that can be used for tracking. Some sites will have a problem.

The High and Ultimate settings are only available in the Premium version. However, you can still use them because we have provided you with the APK file of Adguard – Block Ads MOD Premium. After the initial settings, you can access the main interface of the application. Here, you can touch the icon in the middle of the image to turn on Protection.

What’s in this mod?

Premium features unlocked;
No startup with patched watermarks;
Skip startup tutorial.


Adguard Premium – Block Ads is the best application that helps you remove ads in the app or when browsing the web. In particular, it also works on all devices without Root. Currently, the app is provided by Adguard, a popular company specializing in providing security solutions for businesses and individuals. Therefore, you can feel secure when using this application. For some reason, Adguard is no longer available on Google Play. At this point, you can only install it with the APK file. In this article, we provide you with the link to download the latest APK file of the apps as well as constantly update the new version as soon as it is available.

Note: 3.3.230 [RC] = Release Candidate. Normally precursor too full release. Just as good if not the exact same as a full release.

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