adAway 5.0.4-200524 (Mod, Ad-free)

adAway – Best Adblocker on Android

There are many utility applications on Play Store advertised that they have the ability to block and remove ads. However, they are often not good enough, some of which may also slow down your device. Undeniably, advertising is what brings big revenue for game publishers and websites, but some are often annoying. Many users are searching for an ad blocking app on Android, so we recommend using adAway.

In this article, we provide you with the link to download the latest APK file of the application. Besides, we give you detailed instruction to help you install and use this application effectively. Please visit this article if you see a notification about the new version in the app. We will update it as soon as it is available.

What is adAway app?

adAway is a free application on Android that helps you completely remove ads in the browser or in any application. It is one of the best available ad blocking apps on mobile. adAway offers a wide range of great features that completely eliminate annoying ads and enhance the user’s experience.

One thing to note is that adAway only works effectively on rooted Android devices. So make sure your Android device is rooted to take advantage of all the advanced features of this app.

adAway Key feature

adAway one of the most effective ads blocking apps on the Android operating system. The app has no extra features. Instead, adAway focuses on blocking the fastest ads on every game and app. Please join us in reviewing its key features:

  • adAway can block most current ads in Android games and apps. It also removes ads on websites or videos when you browse the web.
  • The user can manage blocking lists easily. You can add exceptions to your White List if an application does not work when specific servers are blocked.
  • The application interface is simple and easy to use. In which, you just open adAway, select some basic settings and reboot the device to activate this application.
  • adAway is lightweight, works well on most devices.

How to download and install adAway APK?

adAway is a great app but it is not available on Play Store. According to an official announcement from the developer, Google removed its application for violating its privacy policy. However, adAway is still a safe and secure application, which does not harm your device. We bet you were interested in it after looking at the list of great features of the adAway. We will help you download and install adAway easily in just a few steps. Please follow the instructions below to avoid any problems during the installation process.

  • Download the APK file that we provided and save it in your device
  • Go to Settings-> Privacy, find the option “Unknown Sources” and enable it.
  • Open the APK file, select Install to begin the installation process. It may take a while.
  • After finishing, you have successfully installed adAway. You need to open the application and grant full access rights for it to work properly.

To use adAway, your device needs to run Android OS 4.0 or higher with at least 1GB of ram and 10MB of free memory.

How to block ads with adAway app?

It is not difficult for you to understand how adAway works. It is also simple for you to use it. After successfully installing this application through our above instructions, you can see the application icon appear at App Draws. Please open it!

#1: When you have first opened the application, you need to grant access rights for the application. A message appears as shown below, please select “Grant”.

#2:  After that, you can access the main interface of the application. This is where you will manage and change the settings for the application to work properly.

#3: Touch “Disabled” to activate the application. The host file will be immediately downloaded, in which you need to wait a while for this process to complete.

#4: After downloading the host file successfully, the application requires you to reboot the device to apply the settings. Please select “Yes”. Your device will restart and adAway is active. Now you can enjoy the game or browse the web without being bothered by the ads.

You can manage and edit host files easily by clicking on the ellipsis icon at the top right and select “Your List”.


adAway is one of the best ad blocking apps on Android, so we always recommend using it. This app is lightweight which can work well on most Android devices. It can remove all in-app ads or ads on websites that you do not need to use additional Addon. However, you need to remember that adAway can only work effectively on rooted Android devices. Since 2013, adAway has always been one of the best choices for those looking for ads blocking application. If you have any questions about the application or have problems using it, please leave a comment below.

Important note: Only rooted devices can install it.

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