AVG Cleaner Pro 4.22.0 (Mod, Pro Unlocked)

AVG Cleaner Pro is a utility application that helps users clean up junk files and speed up the Android device. You may be interested in the Pro version of this application, which is equipped with features that are not available in the free version. However, you have to pay for this. We all know that not everyone has the condition to do this or they are simply not ready to pay. Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with the latest download of AVG Cleaner Pro APK for absolutely free. In addition, we will show you how to download and install this application for free in just a few steps.

What is AVG Cleaner Pro?

Like on a computer using Windows platform, after a long time the application works on smartphones, it will produce buffer files, junk files … These files not only waste storage space but also affects the overall performance of the Android device. That is the reason why we have to use a cleaner app like AVG Cleaner.

AVG Cleaner is a free application from well-known software maker AVG, for Android platform. You may remember that we have also introduced another Android application of this company named AVG Antivirus 2019 Pro. AVG Cleaner allows optimization of devices running Android by cleaning up junk files, optimizing images in smartphones to save storage space… In addition, it also allows users to create different battery modes on your smartphone to suit your smartphone usage and save the device’s power. In addition, the app has an intuitive, friendly interface and lots of good features that help improve your device’s performance. Currently, AVG Cleaner has reached over 10 million downloads on Google Play with hundreds of thousands of positive reviews from users. The Pro version of the app offers a number of advanced features. It requires users to pay $1.99 monthly.

AVG Cleaner Pro Key features

AVG Cleaner Pro brings many unique and effective features that will help improve your device performance. They focus on handling junk files, clearing cache and improving device speed. Let’s explore them right below:

Quickly clean junk files

One of the most useful features in AVG Cleaner is cleaning up junk files on the system to save space on memory. To do this, you click on the “Quick Clean” button from the main application interface. Then, you check the items on the system that you want to clean up. You can leave it as default and press the “Complete clean up” button. After this process has finished, you have saved some storage space on your smartphone.

Optimize photos

In addition, AVG Cleaner helps save storage space by optimizing the images available on smartphones. The application can scan deep into the system and list all the image files in your device, then make suggestions for you to optimize them. AVG Cleaner integrates a powerful tool to reduce capacity but does not affect the quality of images.

To use this feature, you need to click on the “Photo” button on the application interface. AVG Cleaner will display information about images on smartphones. Here, you click the “Review and optimize” button to start the optimization function of images. It can also quickly identify bad, blurry, poorly or duplicate photos. After that, you can manually delete them to compact the image library and save space.

App Manager

With AVG Cleaner Pro, you can view and remove running applications that consume too much RAM, storage space and network data. It will also remind you of applications that are rarely used by the time of the last use. From there, you can decide to keep or uninstall these applications to free up memory for the device.

Besides, an accompanying smart tool can also freeze applications that require too much memory to perform its tasks. They include background tasks, notifications. It will valid until users decide to re-open them.

Battery Saver and Optimizer

In addition, Battery Saver provides users with information about which activities on the device are consuming too much power. From there, you can change some settings to limit this. Besides, Battery Profiles provides 4 profiles including Low Battery, Home, Work and Car. Users can choose to change one of these 4 profiles to make the device work the way you want (30 -day free trial).

Auto Reminder

The users can turn on the Auto Reminder feature to automatically search for unnecessary applications, allowing users to clean them right in the device’s notification panel.

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AVG Cleaner Pro Mod feature

As promised, we bring you the latest mod version of this app. So you can use all Pro version features without paying anything. In addition, our programmers have also worked hard to add more mod features to this application. Here are the features of AVG Cleaner PRO Mod:

  • Unlock all features of the PRO version for free to use.
  • Eliminate ads in the app permanently
  • Disable / Delete unwanted rights + Receiver and Services;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics is disabled;
  • Graphics optimized by Zipalign.


Overall, AVG Cleaner is one of the most useful apps on smartphones, which not only makes it easier for users to manage applications on their devices but also provides efficient battery usage modes to extend the battery life. The application is available and free on Google Play. However, if you want more features, you need AVG Cleaner Pro that we provide in this article. Don’t forget to visit our blog to update this app as soon as the latest version is available!

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