Soul Knight 2.7.3 (MOD, Unlimited Gems)

When the Soul Knight of Zeyang Li and the Chilly Room were released on Android and iOS last month, it was hardly paid much attention. But this pretty mini arcade shooting game deserves your attention. The game doesn’t have too much depth in storytelling and the stories being retold. The main task of the player is to take some stones and defeat the bad guys.
The game focuses on the actions of the characters with all angles making the game more alive, beautiful and more attractive. Unlike many mobile games in the growing roguelike genre, the simple arcade game Soul Knight will appeal to those who have never played cave exploration or RPG games. This article will give you an overview of this interesting game. Besides, a direct download link of the latest MOD version of Soul Knight is also available that allows you to download and enjoy it completely free.

The gameplay is both classic and modern

This game reminds us of Heroes of Loot ($ 3.99), although it’s not as powerful. You have to move through the symmetrical dungeons and battle corridors against the bad guys born whenever you cross the threshold. You cannot shoot into the room from outside or vice versa, so all the action takes place inside, however, you will earn what you expect in this game.

In Soul Knight, players are given a gun with unlimited ammunition and dropped into a dungeon. You have to crawl through rooms by defeating all enemies in that room. You have to stay in there and fight until there is no one else in that room except you.

Success is not always easy. You can have a magazine that never runs out of bullets but neither your enemies. Some monsters will try to chase you, but they will kill your enemies with pistols and spray guns that you will have to watch out for. You have to constantly avoid, run around and hide to keep yourself alive. Health points are easier to lose than to recover and rise again, especially when you defeat bosses.

The plot is simple but attractive

In Soul Knight MOD, the world was stolen by high-tech alien creatures. The world falls into thousands of hanging hair. You become a hero and stand up to protect the Earth. Your main task is to explore dungeons, collect extreme weapons, dodge and destroy all enemies.


The targeting is completed completely automatically. You will shoot at the nearest target. This helps you focus and avoid bullets and enemies. This game is perfectly fine in the dark, but it makes shooting into the fuel tanks and creating unintended big explosions. Right now, you can only aim in one direction by moving in that direction and it’s very weird.

What interests me is that you do not need to reload and this will help you avoid injury during reloading like in many other shooting games. When playing an unlimited shooting game like bullets like this will give you the feeling like playing the classic spaceship shooting game in the past.

You only have the task of moving back and forth to dodge the ships or shoot straight at it so you do not have to crash them. Soul Knight is similar, but a little different is that not only do you move back and forth, you also have to move up and down, running across and across to avoid the enemies and their bullets. So your main task in the Soul Knight is to guide your character to both kill the enemy and flee so you do not have to touch them or avoid their bullets.

There are a few minus points in this game as the instructions are quite sketchy. For those who are new to this type of game, it takes a lot of time getting used to everything and the controls of the game. However, once you get used to it, the experience of this game gives you really great.

Simple control system

Soul Knight has a fairly simple control system. A joystick on the screen in the lower-left corner helps you control the speed and direction of the character’s motion. The developer has made it very smooth, which makes you much more interested in navigating the character. I do not understand why many driving games are not able to get the smoothness of the controls like this. Also, at the bottom of the power meter is the trigger button.

Many heroes and unique weapons

You are allowed to choose a hero that suits you. Each hero has its own power and skills. Players can choose the skill that suits them and feel the easiest to control. However, the number of hero characters is still limited, and perhaps the developer will add the characters to future updates. However, the characters at the present time are also very interesting and well worth a try.

The number of weapons can be one of the things that makes you excited. Currently, Soul Knights have over 270 weapons of all kinds and all are very interesting. Players can freely choose their favorite weapons. Of course, you must win and complete certain missions to bring new weapons to your inventory. But the number of weapons, images, and its features can be a point of interest for you in this game.

A special feature that I really like about the Soul Knight is the ability to try out new weapons. The game has a lot of weapons, so you will encounter extremely strange weapons with new functions and uses. You can try and find ways to use it in the most reasonable and effective way for each different weapon and especially the new weapons.

Besides the chaos in battle, one of the best parts of the game is the ability to replace weapons. You can pick up new weapons along the way and experience them. When you pick up a new weapon, you will leave the old weapon behind and put it back there. This makes it easy to find your old weapon if you are not satisfied with the new weapon.

Pet companion

One of the lessons you’ll learn quickly in the Soul Knight is that it is perfectly normal to need help, and everyone needs it in life. Players are allowed to have pets with them. Additional travel companions collected along the way can be an invaluable resource throughout the game.

Soul Knight pets

However, that does not happen often, so you should cherish the companion pet. When you’re running helplessly in a state of low energy, poor health, the companion pet will give you a little more time to recover health.

Graphics are too lovely for a shooting game

Games with 8-bit graphics are always really interesting. Some typical games with this graphic style that we have introduced such as Dead Cells, Terraria. Although Soul Knight is a shooting game and a bit violent, the image of the game is quite cute and makes you enjoy it. Soul Knights are built-in pixel direction and the heroes or enemies in the game are short and fat.

Their attire is also one of the things to be praised for. There are characters who wear cowboy costumes, or there are characters that wear a ninja costume. In any case, the characters of the game look very interesting, cute and lovely.

Funny sounds

The sound effects of the game are not a very special feature of the game but it also stimulates and makes your entertainment moments with Soul Knight become so much better. I love Soul Knight not only for its features and weapon variety. This is a free game but it has great and stable quality. You can use gems (an in-game currency to buy items and unlock characters or things that help you revive), but it doesn’t matter too much in the game. Of course, if there’s a number.

A large number of gems will help you to complete missions and tasks more quickly and easily. Using revival will kill some of the true meaning of the game. Also, if you do not want to use Using gems to revive yourself, you can watch ads, like in-app purchases, watching ads are your choice and you don’t have to watch ads to have fun playing games.

Get Soul Knight MOD (Unlimited Gems) now!

Gems needed for new characters. Some characters will need you to pay for gems. You can revive once and each time you need to spend 200 gems or watch ads. Players can also buy a $ 2 revival card to get a free revival permanently. Even if you decide to buy gems in the app, the amount is very generous, earning you 25,000 for every 3 dollars, this is the highest price. There is no $ 99.99 gems package.

But players can have endless gems if you download the mod from here. You will not have to pay any money but can still unlock new characters, reviving when injured. We provide you with the link to download the latest version of Soul Knight. What you need to do is download the APK file we provided below. Then install and enjoy it. The mod feature allows you to use unlimited Gems, so you can unlock and upgrade everything for free.


Soul Knight (MOD Gems) is a game worth spending your time experiencing with interesting characters, weapons, and visuals. The plot and control are not too complicated, making it easy for you to become a professional shooter. The mod will help you become a better gunman with infinite gems to help you unlock new characters, new weapons, and the ability to revive. If you love arcade shooting games then try the Soul Knight MOD now.

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