Nova Launcher Prime 6.2.12 Final (Mod Pixel, Unlocked)

The best Launcher on Android

The launcher is a unique concept on Android that refers to the entire user interface including the home screen, icon, app drawer and widgets on the home screen. If you feel bored with the UI Stock of your Android device, most Android devices have a simple, heavy and not very customizable default interface. Do you want it to have a smoother and friendly interface, which will be better for the user? This is possible thanks to the launcher. You can type the word “Launcher” on the Play Store to get thousands of results. There are now many third-party launchers available, but choosing the right launcher is more important. It must be lightweight and easy to use.

Are you looking for a fast, lightweight and smooth launcher? We recommend Nova Launcher Prime!

In this article, we introduce you to one of the best Android launchers named Nova Launcher, which was developed in the early years of the Android operating system. Nova Launcher Prime is always updating new features to match the latest version of Android. It can also work well on most high-end to mid-range devices and low-profile devices. In this article, we have provided you with the instruction to download and install Nova Launcher Prime, the paid version of this launcher. What features do you have? Let’s explore right below.

About Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher is an application developed by TeslaCoil Software, which allows users to customize the default Launcher that they are using. This app is available on the Play Store with two versions including Free and Paid. If you are a simple person, you can choose a paid version to use its basic features. If you want to have more features, Nova Launcher Prime is what you need. You have to pay $ 0.99 to download Nova Launcher Prime from the Play Store. Also, we provide the Nova Launcher Premium apk file so you can download and install it for free.

Some key features 

Here is the Premium version of the application, which allows you to use all the features that are locked in the Free version. This app has received over 100 million downloads and millions of 5-star reviews on the Play Store. It is enough to find it one of the best launchers that you should use when you want to customize the look of the device. Nova Launcher is an excellent Launcher for that. In addition to being compatible with many devices, it is really easy to use and brings many exciting features that you will not see on other launchers. Here are its some key features:

Fast, Safe & Secure

The most of the users want to find a fast, smooth and safe launcher; Nova Launcher is such a launcher. As soon as you install and apply Nova Launcher as the default launcher, you will experience one of the fastest and stablest launchers, smooth swiping, tapping or dragging. Nova Launcher is also completely secure, does not contain the harmful code or junk applications that are bad for your device.

An abundance of icons and themes

Many people love finding and applying the icon pack to make the mobile interface more charming. If you are using Stock Launcher, this will be limited. Some developers also offer the exclusive themes and icon packs for their devices, but these icon packs are often heavy and do not have the abundant options. With Nova Launcher, it is easier to access and download millions of themes and icon pack on the App Store. If you use the icon pack downloaded from Play Store, they will also be compatible with Nova Launcher. Customizing the interface on Android is fun and easy with Nova Launcher.

Say goodbye to the ads

Nova Launcher Prime has eliminated the ads, bringing the smallest and most comfortable experience for the user. I have used a lot of different Android launchers. Some of them are good. But there are some nasty things to do, such as ads. The ads in launchers appear in several ways. Sometimes, it is just a popup or banner appearing randomly when you unlock your phone. Also, others are really annoying because they force users to install games or commercials advertised… Nova Launcher Prime is different, which is completely non-ads. You will not see any ads during your using time. Everything is smooth and comfortable. That’s one of the reasons why it is popular.

The advanced features

There are a lot of interesting, unique features that you can discover from Nova Launcher. In addition to the basic features of a mobile launcher, in Prime version, this app provides some other unique features we listed below:

  • Gestures: Add Gestures to quickly execute a predefined action. You can swipe, tap or double-tap on your screen to open your favourite apps.
  • Hide Apps: Many Android devices were installed applications from developers at the beginning, most of them are exceeding. Now, you can hide applications that you do not use or those that are sensitive.
  • Icon Swipes: Add actions when swiping an application icon
  • Unread Counts: This feature allows you to count the number of unread notifications, support for quick checks and more application information
  • More Scroll Effects: Add proprietary effects when you scroll in Draw Apps
  • Custom Drawer Groups: Easily customize Drawer Groups by creating folders on the drawer app

If you are using Nova Launcher and want to experience advanced features, do not hesitate to download Nova Launcher Prime APK Latest Version that we provide at the link below.

Compatible with all devices

Nova Launcher Prime is a lightweight, smooth application that is compatible with most of the Android devices. You can install Nova Launcher Prime APK on a device has the weak configuration, it can still work smoothly, which not many Launcher can do that. Of course, to install Nova Launcher, your device must still ensure the required configuration of the application with 1Gb Ram, Android 4.0 or higher and 20M of free memory.

How To Download And Install Nova Launcher Prime on Android

Installation Instruction

After reviewing these above features, we suggest that you are ready to install this app on your Android device. First of all, your device must run at least Android 4.0 and 1Gb RAM. Ensuring the required configuration makes the application smoother and more stable. Here are the instructions on how to download and install Nova Launcher Prime.

Install  Nova Launcher Prime Patched

#1: First of all, if your device has already installed Nova Launcher, you need to uninstall it. Now, visiting the link below to download Nova Launcher Prime APK file.

#2: If you use a PC to download, please connect your PC with the Smartphone to transfer the file to your device’s memory. It’s important that we always remind you, do not forget to turn on the feature that lets you install applications from Unknown Sources.

Enable Unknown Sources

#3: Using File Manager, follow the file that you have just downloaded, tap it to start the installation process.

Open the file to install Nova Launcher Prime

#4: Wait a few seconds, you can be able to use Nova Launcher.

You can Use Nova Launcher Prime Now!

#5: Set Nova Launcher Prime is default launcher.

Nova Launcher Pro for Android

Install Tesla Unread Plugin

  • Download the Tesla Unread APK plugin that we provide and save it to your device.
  • Make sure you have removed the old version of the application.
  • Install the Tesla Unread plugin. The installation process takes about 10 seconds.
  • All done!

Important note:

  • You need to select the correct version of the application that your device supports.
  • This is the Patched version of the application, with some mod features. Prime features have been fully unlocked. The Prime Key Notification has been removed.
  • If your device is using Rom with the Nova Launcher available, you must remove it.


What’s in the Pixel mod version?

Full Russian translation
Languages: English and Russian
Replaced icons in Pixel UI style and replaced launcher icons
Compress graphics
Tracking disabled
Cut Firebase and Measurement services
Unlink from Google Play services
Removed settings icons and launcher Nova

What’s in the Original version?

Add Russian and Ukrainian language packs.
There is no built-in wallpaper. / Zipalign.
In the “Search Panel” reduced to just “New.” For the above languages.
Analytics was disabled. It does not require Google Play services.
Important: Do not include in the lab: “Weather in the search bar”. Otherwise, departure.

Do I need to remove the old version?


Final Verdict

The above is all about the latest Nova Launcher Prime for Android that I can give you. Nova Launcher Prime is a popular launcher that millions of users love and have installed on their devices.
The app is still up to date to add new features compatible with the latest Android versions (currently Android O), so you can assure that your device is still supported by this app. We hope that Nova Launcher Prime (Premium) will bring you new feelings when replacing the boring launcher stock in your device. If you encounter any bugs during installation and use, do not forget to give us a comment below. We will solve them for you immediately.

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