Bluelight Filter for Eye Care 3.6.1 (MOD, Unlocked)

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care (MOD Full Unlocked) is a system-moderating application, which comes from Hardy-infinity. If you are an Android user, you may have known about Hardy-infinity as a smart developer with various useful applications (like Task Manager, Privacy Screen Filter). This time, the world has the chance to meet up with an eye-savior, which appears in the form of mobile software. This application weights less than 10M, and its current version (3.3.1) does not require advanced mobile operating systems. Anyone can use it, as long as they know how important the yellow light means to their eyes. By the end of 2019, Bluelight Filter for Eye Care has received more than ten million downloads. Its incredible success is the clearest proof for its amazing function.

An awesome application

The most unfortunate thing for Android users is that this interface does not support Night-mode light in its settings, like iOS. That’s why Bluelight Filter for Eye Care is right at the corner to help everyone to have the best experience with their smartphones. Before we come to the bottom of Bluelight Filter for Eye Care, let’s have a quick look at “why do we need this application in our life?”

As you may know, the smart devices generate blue light as default, and this kind of light affects our eyes in a bad way. In fact, if our eyes approach the blue light too much during the day, we will sleepless in the night, as the blue light kills the sleep hormones. Some people can say that they don’t need that much sleep in their life, but it’s not all about sleeping. Using too many smart devices will multiply the time our eyes be exposed to the blue light, and through years, our vision will be less effective. No one wants to have the blurring eyes at an early age. Bluelight Filter for Eye Care comes out as an application that saves our eyes from the dangerous blue light.

Several colors – several choices

This application adjusts the device’s screen color in order to reduce the blue light. Your eyes will relax after hours of working with the yellow, or even brown light screen. There are more than five different colors of the screen that this application offers, including dark green, red, yellow, and even grey. The application will make your screen wear the color that you choose, and you can modify the side elements such as the brightness, contrast, and color temperature as well.

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care does not dim the screen, it only adjusts the screen color so it can prevent strain on your eyes. Even more, the application offers the natural color filter, which helps your smartphone screen shift to the screen for night. With this option, you can read news, emails, and websites in the best way you can without blur and bugs. However, it is a pity to not mention the other key features of this application that have dominated its success!

Other key features

Besides the excellent screen-color options, Bluelight Filter for Eye Care offers the Auto mode, which automatically adjusts the screen color due to the external light. This is another feature of the application that supports the beginners so they can immediately protect their eyes without learning thoroughly. The Schedule mode may take the users quite some time to process. As the users get used to this mode, they can turn on and off the screen filter using the scheduled time. In addition to that, the users don’t need to open the application when they need it, due to the feature of hiding a filter icon in the status bar. This helps the users with adjusting the settings any time using just some simple taps on the screen.

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care other features

You are able to remove the screen filter from the screenshots with the help of the image processing AI technology. This feature is a surprise to the users because the AI technology does not appear much in mobile applications. In an effort of easing the experience of the users, this application allows them to open it from the StartUp menu. Besides, the easy operation of Bluelight Filter for Eye Care is genius, since it helps you to turn on and off your chosen options in a matter of seconds.

What’s in the mod version?

Above all, Bluelight Filter for Eye Care is reliable. This application does not cause catastrophes such as ‘cracking’ while processing. The user can interact with this application by making in-app purchases for more amazing features at acceptable prices. So, we bring you the latest mod version of this application. It allows you to access the full range of features and use them completely for free. Besides, the ads have also been removed. Here are the mod features:

  • Full version unlocked – no additional key needed;
  • Promo Apps removed;
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.

In conclusion

There are tons of applications that offer similar features to Bluelight Filter for Eye Care PRO, but have you ever wondered why this application top them all? If you are searching for an eye-savior, then you should start to learn more about this application now! Have fun!

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