Bloody Bastards (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Weird gameplay with high difficulty

Bloody Bastards has very unique gameplay. It is different from other fighting games that you have ever played before. In this game, you are involved in 1vs1 matches with a medieval background. There is no arena, the battle can take place anywhere. You control a strange and funny character with a shield and a weapon. The match will end when one of the 2 died.

The unique gameplay of Bloody Bastards is shown in the
control system. Virtual keys will not be available like other fighting games on
mobile. Instead, you will control the character in a completely different way.
You only need to double-tap on the left or right of the screen to make the
character move forward or backward. Then, you can swipe on the right side to
attack or on the left side to use the shield. The operations are very simple.
However, you will find it really difficult to master your character during the
battle. His moves and attacks remind us of a drunkard.

In addition, Bloody Bastards have a high difficulty because
of their strange control. Besides, your opponents can fight very well. You will
even struggle to get through the first level. If you want to improve your move
and attack skills, replay the tutorials. Here, you can learn how to move and
fight on a wooden doll.

Shop for new equipment

When you win a game, you will receive the reward as money. From there, you can use the money to buy equipment for your characters. They were the spear, helmet, armor, gloves, weapons, and shield. You should always buy new armor or weapon. In which, Armor will reduce the damage from opponents to you, while new weapons bring greater damage to kill opponents faster. Besides, other items are also important in protecting your character, such as a helmet.

Besides, there are hundreds of different items that you can
find in Bloody Bastards. They can be a kitchen knife, cloth hat or even a pot
lid shield.

Many challenges

In Bloody Bastards, the battle has an increasing difficulty level. When you complete the levels, you can unlock a new map with new venues and stronger opponents. After winning strong opponents, you will get amazing bonuses.

New in-game maps will be updated regularly, so you need to
be online to update them.

Funny graphics

As mentioned, Bloody Bastards bring unique features, so it
is unlike any mobile fighting game you have ever played before. The graphics of
this game are also an interesting point. Humorously designed characters make
the bloody battle strange and fun.


Overall, Bloody Bastards is an interesting fighting game
that you should try. Thanks to the high difficulty gameplay and humorous
graphics, the game will surely bring you relaxing moments. If you find the
original version of the game too difficult to conquer, you can try Bloody
Bastards MOD in this article. It allows gamers to use unlimited money to buy
items. Readers can download the game at the link below.

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