BitTorrent Pro 6.2.0 (MOD, Unlocked)

You cannot deny the tremendous influence of Torrent on internet users in the world. It creates a private world for everyone to share and download files in all formats. BitTorrent is a tool to help you join that world. In this article, we would like to introduce you to the key features of BitTorrent. In addition, we bring you a secure APK file to install BitTorrent Pro for free.

What is BitTorrent Pro?

Torrent is the most popular Peer-to-peer shared protocol in the world. BitTorrent is a tool to help you manage and use this protocol easily. In addition to the mobile version (Android and iOS), the app is also available for PC and Linux versions. A unique feature of Torrent technology is that you will not download data directly from the server but will receive it from another user. When downloading a file, it means that you have helped optimize the speed for the user community.

BitTorrent is an indispensable application if you want to download data from websites that provide torrent files because current web browsers do not support downloading .torrent files. The application is lightweight with fast download speeds and does not take up much of the device’s resources. We have also introduced you to another good Torrent application, uTorrent Pro. You can choose either. They provide enough features for you to download torrent files.

How to use BitTorrent Pro on Android?

First, you need to search for sites that support .torrent files. You can find them through search engines like Google, Yahoo, or find a movie or song directly on the BitTorrent® application searching engine. You can click on the link to download the torrent file then the download process will be done automatically.

BitTorrent® Pro Key features

BitTorrent® Pro provides all the essential features of a Torrent application. It can work effectively on most Android devices. Please check out its key features right below:


BitTorrent® Pro has a minimalist interface, which was designed as a regular downloader. Users can easily manage downloaded files via Media Library. The download and save files manipulations are simple. You can also use BitTorrent® as the default app to open torrent files.


The internet environment always brings great knowledge and experience. However, it also contains certain risks. Viruses, malware, and spyware can harm devices or steal important information from users. To prevent malicious torrent files, BitTorrent® Pro has created a data checking feature before downloading. This will keep your device safe. Malicious files will immediately be removed before they harm your device.

Fast downloading speed

BitTorrent® Pro uses technology to split files before downloading, supporting users to download large files even when internet speed is slow. Moreover, the application also helps to save bandwidth. So you can use the device for other activities without worrying about the slow network speed.


Auto-Shutdown is a smart feature and only available on the paid version (Pro). When enabling this feature, the application will automatically turn off the torrenting process and set the application to run in the background when the download is complete, saving data and improving battery life. This feature is available on the BitTorrent® Pro APK version that we provide.

Battery saving feature

The download process always consumes a certain amount of battery. This leads to the possibility that the device may be shutted down and cause inconvenience to users. The Battery Saver feature will automatically stop the download process when the device battery is low.

Customize bandwidth settings

Movies or audio files from torrent sites are usually quite large. If you accidentally use mobile data and forget to turn it off, it may cost you a lot of money. To make sure that never happens, you can enable Wifi Networks Only at Bandwidth section. In addition, the application also allows users to customize the upload and download speeds to match the needs and current network speeds.

Download and install BitTorrent Pro on Android

As mentioned, BitTorrent® support the multiplatform. However, in this article, we are talking about BitTorrent® Pro on Android. We bring the latest APK file of the application, direct download link and 100% safety. Please follow our instructions to download and install this application.

  • Download the BitTorrent.apk file that we provide then save it to your device. Make sure you have downloaded the file that matches your device’s CPU.
  • Find the saved file, open it to start the installation process. This process may take a while.
  • All done! Open the application and grant full permission and enjoy it.


Users are more and more likely to use mobile devices because of the convenience. Instead of downloading movies and songs via PC and then copying to mobile, you can download directly to your phone via BitTorrent® Pro version for Android. The app is appreciated by stable speed, data, battery savings and high security.

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