Battle Prime APK (by BlitzTeam)

Developed by BlitzTeam LLC, both the game and its studio are still new faces today. But from some early access versions and screenshots, you can tell some ethical aspects of the game already. Some people consider it as a hybrid of Call of Duty and Warface as the game share some graphic similarities of the two.


The most popular Battle Prime game mode is a 6 vs. 6 battle on a tight map. Every player needs to be precise in their aim while also be careful not to be eliminated by their opponents. Be the best to climb up the rank and score as many points as possible. If you perform well enough, you can get top places in the whole server as well.

You can have a look at other kinds of gameplay, such as getting supreme power like The Hulk or run as fast as The Flash. Nevertheless, tactical correctness can determine the outcome of every game. This is what makes a good shooter. The gap between paid and free users reduces if one team has dominant tactics. A game is less fun to play if players just blindly run and attack each other, and even gets frustrating if it’s a pay-to-win.

The physics of the game is realistic. Fall damage can be fatal if you don’t have the right armor. One thing to keep in mind is that it takes quite a few more shots than other shooting games to kill an enemy. New players may find it unfamiliar.  In order to ensure continuous gunfights, Battle Prime utilizes a similar mechanism like in the famous Overwatch. If you, unfortunately, die within combat, you can re-select your armor kit and weapons to return right away.

Graphic properties

The visual quality of the game is quite impressive, despite being a fresh release. Everything from maps, weapon arsenal, or even your character’s kit has a great look to it. Shadows and lighting look pretty promising. Other VFX are also handled smoothly by the game engine. Grenade blasts, gunshots, and abilities all have realistic displays. Visual alone, the game is comparable even to console counterparts.

Character motion is not on the same table, though. The movement and postures of a soldier in the game still don’t feel very natural. While standing still and shooting others, players may feel like controlling robots. Anyway, with the game’s amplification on visual aspects, you may feel the need for having a system that’s smooth enough to handle such stress. Battle Prime runs quite well on devices running iOS and Android with no difficulties. The images displayed on any compatible are very beautiful.

User interface – How to play

The button layout is quite familiar and is reminiscent of other mobile TPSs like PUBG Mobile. Players use a joystick located at the left bottom of the screen to move, turn around and options for weapons are located at the right. It’s a bright design, to be honest, and players won’t have much time getting used to it.

Performance assessment

The game performs well on both iOS and Android. Despite having little to none background, the developers certainly have what it takes to make incredible games. Battle Prime is optimized for the best user experience, as lag spikes rarely occur and the game runs most of the time effortlessly. However, playing the game for long could result in a crash. As the game relies heavily on graphics, your battery can drain pretty fast. Casual gamers may find it not so suitable for quick entertainment. Keep in mind not to play for any longer than 60 minutes. Your device can get overheated easily if that’s the case.

Rating and verdict

I’d give this a 7/10. Performance-wise, this game is still lacking something and is not going to compete with the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile evenly. As mentioned before, movements and actions are still unnatural. The graphics of the game is another story. It’s undeniable that the game offers a great look to it, but it seems like they have taken a lot from other products in its genre. There’s a reason why people call it the combination of Call of Duty and Warface. Anyway, it surely has an impact on everyone’s mind in this field, regardless of the similarities with other names on the market. Having said that, I think you should go and experience all the aspects of the game. In the world of esports today, Battle Prime is a fresh breath into the Play Store. Go check it out!

We will update the link to download the APK file of this game as soon as it is available. You can refer to a similar Android game, Apex Legends.

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