Always on AMOLED v1.4 (MOD, Pro Unlocked)

About Always on Amoled

As a longtime smartphone user, don’t you know that Always On Display (AoD) is a wonderful feature on your phone?  It helps to harnesses the power-saving advantages of displaying the black screen of an OLED / AMOLED panel to extend battery life on your device.  However, not every manufacturer has built-in AoD features on the device and all smartphones can use this feature.

So, if your smartphone does not support this feature but you want to use it, what is the solution for you? The answer to your question is Always On AMOLED – a great application that helps you harness the AoD feature for free.

What Always on AMOLED can do?

Always on AMOLED is a great application that can take advantage of the saving power with a black OLED display. All of the information you need will be displayed on the black background so you do not need to turn on the screen to check for new notifications. For that reason, your smartphone will use less battery and you will have longer usage time.

Some simple text to activate the app

The first time you open the app, you have to set the required permissions including receiving notifications from other applications and only modifying system settings. The application allows us to display location, update weather in real-time.

You can also change the clock style in the “Style” tab, the wallpaper option in the “Background / Wallpaper” tab and the font in the “Text & Font” tab. Finally, let turn on the “Always On Memo” feature so that the AoD screen can display the job reminder. Once you finish all the settings, try turning off your phone to test the activity of the app.

Easily view the notifications without touching your phone

Are you always feel so troubled to turn on the phone to know exactly what the notifications are? But this trouble may get away with the help of Always on AMOLED. With the always- showing time and notifications, you just need to pick up your phone at glance at the screen whenever you want to see the time or notifications. This is such a convenient way, right?  

Pocket mode 

This is such a great mode in this application. It can help you to lock the phone when you put it in your pocket to save battery. Your phone will never auto-turn on which make your power decrease constantly. With this Pocket mode, your device will be locked and power-saved maximum.

Diverse in fonts,  gestures, shortcuts and clock styles

If you want to make your phone’s screen eye-catchy and more beautiful, you can adjust the fonts with a lot of interesting font styles. Plus, the app also features many styles of clocks for you to choose from including a stylish clock, orange clock, Rumani clock, heart clock and so on. The date font also changes with the style of the clock.

About the gestures and shortcuts, they are special parts of the app. If you want to turn the screen on, you simply need to tap the screen twice. Besides that, you can set many actions such as swipe up, swipe down and the actions of the back button and volume button to display the drawing, the status of your battery or even turn on the flashlight. 

Always on AMOLED Pro

In the paid version (Pro), the Always On AMOLED application also offers several more interesting features for you. It is including customize the notification that is allowed to display, so, you can adjust and set up the notification settings. It can also edit the music player, remove the ads that disrupted you.

More interesting clock styles are added to bring you diverse in choosing. You can also unlock more fonts, received weather information on the screen, so, you can update the weather news every day. This version also features activate the edge light effect that is only available on high-end devices. All of these will bring you the best experiences.

Mod Always on AMOLED  

As you knew that everything has to paid by money so, the Pro version of this application is not an exception. So, if you want to enjoy all the advanced features and benefits of Always On AMOLED Pro, you have to pay an amount of money. But if you don’t want to waste this money, you can try installing Mod Always on AMOLED at our website for free. Then, just enjoy all you deserve to have. 

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While it is unlikely that Always On AMOLED can function as reliably as the original Always On Display feature, and it may cause a not good performance because this app works as a background application. This is still a good way for you not to ignore an inherent advantage on your smartphone. 

So, what else are you waiting for but install this app on your phone now? Don’t forget to download the Mod Always on AMOLED to make use of all the advances this app brings to you!

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