AllCast Premium (MOD, Unlocked)

Want to stream your child’s cutest moment on TV during his birthday party? Or want to play your favorite playlist using the TV during dinner with friends? Allcast Premium is the perfect solution for you! Created by the famous Android developer Koushik Dutta and his brand ClockworkMod, the app’s quality is as outstanding as people can be expected. With more than 10 million users, you can see for yourself the popularity of the app. And remember, this is just the number of uses for the free version.

A quick look at the app

AllCast let you send your videos, music or photos from your phone to play them on your TV. The app will let you freely cast to your Xbox, to your Roku, your Chromecast or even your Smart TV with just a few taps. And not just stop at those DLNA-compatible devices that are connected to your TV, AllCast is also connected to cloud storage. You can now stream your huge folder of images at your friend’s wedding without any effort. Or tons of cat videos at your grandmother’s house seamlessly.

There are always reasons for something to be loved. And for AllCast, here are some of them.

Streaming high-quality videos directly from your phone

After you are connected with the receiver, you can freely choose videos to stream on TV from local sources like your device or cloud storage source like Google Drive. The app also has the bitrate feature, a really cool feature that helps eliminate lags. To simply explain bitrate, the more the bitrate is, the better the quality of your videos. And whenever the video is buffering, you can go back and freely choose the bitrate to have a better watching experience.

The free version will allow you to stream up to 5 minutes, which is enough if you only need them for occasions like a birthday party or a sports event. In order to unlock the no time-limited feature, you can purchase the premium version with a pretty reasonable price from app stores. We also provide you with the latest mod version of this application. So you can enjoy AllCast premium features for free.

Unbelievably easy to use

What is Chromecast? I don’t know. But without being a techno-savvy, you can still operate this app pretty easily and it will work like magic. Just open the app and find your players, which could be anything like a fancy Apple TV or your brother Xbox 360. A few taps and your videos or photo slideshows will be played smoothly on a larger screen. Quick and simple as that! 

The app will automatically detect the receivers through wifi, therefore you need to make sure your wifi connection is stable. Just need to bring a spare portable wifi hotspot or mobile data, and you are to rock those outdoor events.

From your 10 years old niece to your 60 years old uncle, everybody is capable of using the app to fit their uses.

The Wake Lock feature

If you are bored with the slideshow video of your niece’s photos, you can go back and look for another thing to play next without interrupting what you are streaming on TV. Wake Lock offers you the ability to freely using your phone to view other apps while AllCast is still working in the background. You can now run away from those boring sports videos of your brother without anyone noticing.

You can also switch between the photos easily with just some swipes and taps on your phone screen. Control your slideshow wirelessly and directly on your phone. Your uncle’s family will have to wonder whether you have magic or not. Customize your own slideshows with the best moments you have captured.

Now available for IOS

The war between the two operating systems is always there, as users from two sides don’t always have a chance to experience the same thing. But now they can both enjoy these amazing features of AllCast.

The app is initially made for Android devices and it is now available to purchase AllCast from an IOS store. Also, a very cool feature of AllCast I found is it can play materials from Android on Apple TV. Back to when the feature was released, 2014, it is quite an impressive feature for a free phone app.

Final verdict

The app itself is an amazing and useful tool that could stream videos or photos from your phone on TV. AllCast is also very easy to use and navigate, suitable for anyone at any age. Doesn’t matter if the users are familiar with technology or not, AllCast could still need their uses and purposes. Available widely at many app stores, the app is waiting for you to come and try it out. 

Then what are you waiting for? Ready to stream and become the technology wizard with AllCast Premium.

Note: Use SAI (Split APKs Install) to install the application.

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