Adorable Home 1.8.4 (MOD, Unlimited Heart)

The gameplay

Adorable Home is a great simulation game for players to decorate their homes and keep the house clean. Besides, you can take care of pets with many interesting tasks. At the beginning of the game, players start playing by selecting the character and his/her partner. One of the favorite things that pleased many players is that they can freely choose genders. Players can even make a gay or lesbian couple as they like.  Also, gamers have a chance to put the name for them, making it more realistic.

In addition, Adorable Home simulates a couple who have just
moved to a new house with their white naughty cat named Snow. In this new
house, players have to clean up and take care of Snow while the partner is
going to work. At the beginning of the game, there’s a couch, a table and a TV
in the room. It is quite a few. If you want to make your home full, you can go
to the shop and buy more furniture. Not only the lounge but also the garden can
be decorated. The garden will available when players use 3000 hearts to unlock
it. After unlocking it, the garden items will open. You can go shopping to buy
things to decorate it.

Besides, players need to put specific items in the garden
and the lounge to attract animal visitors. For example, when a wood coffee
table is put in the lounge or the garden, it attracts Rainbow-the
“colorful sparrow”. Each item has a high probability to attract
different visitors into the house. The more visitors come, the more hearts
players will get.

Other interesting features

Preparing Bento box for partner

When a partner goes to work, players need to do a
“bento box”. In which, there are many delicious foods. There are
three kinds of foods in this box, including Main Course, Side Dish and Dessert.
Players use the heart to buy that food. You’re your partner eat that food,
players will get hearts.

Take care of a cat and make it happy

This is also an important mission that gives players a large number of hearts. In the game, players need to feed cats well to gain hearts. Also, there are three missions to keep cats happy, including cutting the nail, stroking cat and showering. Each mission has different gameplay. Those cat mini-games are the main tasks. Moreover, players will have more cats as well as many different pets like dogs, birds so that they have to take care of them and get more hearts. Particularly, those pet missions quite challenging. Sometimes, they make you a little stressful. Players need to watch cat movements carefully and use finger flexibly to win the game. Therefore, there is a little tip for players: to get maximum benefit, get all cats first.

Using the red heart as the in-game currency

The game’s currency is a red heart. For the first-time players come to the game environment, a partner will give players 1500 hearts. Also, when players prepare bento boxes, clean home up, take care of pets and check today’s weather, they can also get hearts. The game gives players a chance to gain a double heart when players watch advertisement videos five times per day.

Simulated couple relationship

Like real life, players have a chance to break the relationship with a current partner if players pay the price of 1000 hearts.

The graphics and sounds

Adorable Home has cute graphics. The images are lively with bright color and friendly designs. Besides, to keep the player’s soul relax and have a comfortable feeling, Adorable Home provides peaceful, soft and funny background music. Moreover, the sound of pets when they are happy or angry is very lively. Also, the game has pretty characters and especially various super cute pets with many realistic movements. They make the game more authentic.

What’s in the mod version?

In Adorable Home, hearts are considered the only currency of the game. You can use them to buy lots of different things in the game such as items and many other things … You start the game with quite a few Hearts, so you need to look for them. There are many activities in the game that allow you to receive Hearts, such as taking care of cats, watching TV, decorating your house, etc. However, if you want to earn lots of Hearts, you need Adorable Home MOD. Here, we bring you the latest mod of the game. The mod feature gives you unlimited Heart right at the start of the game, so you can buy everything in the game easily.


Adorable Home is the best choice for people who are interested in cute graphics and entertaining gameplay. It is suitable to play in break time to relax and help calm the player’s mind after a hard-working day. Readers can download and enjoy the game with the link at the end of this post. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have fun!

Note: Exit the game and re-enter to receive a lot of money

You do not want to download the APK file? Please follow the instructions below to make the mod easy with just a few steps.

  • Using the file manager, then go to the path: Android / data / com.hypebreads.adorablehom / files / and edit file PlayerDatabase_1.txt
  • Find “loveCount“: xxx (xxx is the amount you currently have, change xxx to the amount you want).
  • Save, open the game and enjoy.

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