Stardew Valley APK+ OBB (Mod Money) 1.34

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Stardew Valley apk download

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Stardew Valley APK+ OBB (Mod Money) 1.34
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You live in busy cities. Sometimes, you feel stressful with the pressure of work and the polluted air. We bet that you have thought of leaving everything to find new experiences more comfortable. If you do not have the courage to do it in real life, you can try it in a mobile game. Today, we would like to introduce you to Stardew Valley Mobile. This game allows you to return to the countryside and do the work of a true farmer.


  • March 13, 2019: The game is officially available on Android!. You can buy games directly from the Play Store ($ 7.99). Or download and install it for free through the instructions we provide in this article.
  • Updated v1.01: Fix for permissions related crash on start.
  • Updated v1.04: Stability fixes.
  • Update v1.04 Mod Money
  • Jan 16, 2019: The game has been officially released on Android and you can pre-register now.


  • Menus now a more comfortable size
  • Added slider to adjust toolbar size
  • Added slider to adjust Date box size
  • New control method: joystick & buttons (no tap-to-move)
  • Pinch zoom disabled for invisible joystick
  • Added resting position for joystick movement
  • Fix for shipping container menu close button
  •  bug fixes


  • Fix for Community Center Bundle menu
  • Fix for Animal query menu


  • Fix for toolbar sizing not saving properly


  • Input Text hit area fix
  • Tooltips draw in the correct position
  • Bundle complete drawing fix


  • Fix for removing casks
  • Fantasy Game tap fixes
  • Notification message quantities now show
  • Chest color picker shows chest
  • Shipping menu shows icons
  • Crafting menu shows more than 2 columns
  • Re-added pinch zoom for invisible controls

Stardew Valley is a paid game on mobile. You need to pay $ 7.99 to buy it from the Play Store. But do not worry because we will guide you how to download and install Stardew Valley APK for free on Android.

Stardew Valley Mobile mod apk

Stardew Valley APK download for Android/iOS/PC

Many years ago, Harvest Moon was released on Nintendo Ds and quickly created a trend for those who love simulation games. The game offers a great experience when it allows you to manage an old farm, do things like raising cows, chickens, harvesting rice, planting trees and even marrying and giving birth. Stardew Valley has similar gameplay to Harvest Moon but it has a lot of greater features. If you want to verify, you can use the Nintendo DS Emulator to play Harvest Moon right on your Android phone.

Stardew Valley mobile apk


One day, your grandfather (the main character in the game) is passed away. He sent you a letter and the message: “When you feel desperate, open it up. Get too tired of office work when it can kill you anytime (yes, it is not a joke. You can see a whole “skeleton” in the office where you are working). You decided to open the letter and got a gift of inheritance. It was a farm located in Stardew Valley, Pelican Town. After hours, you got to the farm, which was an empty land with grass and trash. But It is not so bad. Your adventures in Stardew Valley are officially started.

Let’s Started!

As usual, you open the game with the selection of the character customization, in which you can change character gender, hair color, eyes, costume, and pets. Do not forget to name your farm.

Stardew Valley allows you to choose one of five different areas depending on your preference, includes: The base area with extensive grounds for farming; Waterfront for those who like fishing, surrounding forests suitable for gathering, rock, and mountain for collecting minerals; And do not forget to be careful in the evening because the monsters always appear and turn everything into a survival game.

Rebuild your farm

Discover the gameplay of Stardew Valley Mobile. Your main character will have a few RPG elements such as the level of skills, equipment items depending on what he will have to do. The jobs and skills are as follows:

  • Farming: gardening, watering plants, harvesting, raising animals and also growing fruit trees.
  • Foraging: cutting trees, mining stone, hunting around the area
  • Fishing: This is probably the most difficult and fun activity in the game. It sounds simple: You have to keep the fish in the balance, but it is not simple because the fish always makes things more complicated. You should practice more. After that, you will master the game. (After 5 failed ones, I was successful, but the fish is rarer and rarer)
  • Mining: You have to go digging the mine literally. There is a cave in the north, which you need to go there to find copper, iron, gold…
  • Combat: It sounds strange to a farm game. However, it is real. In the pit filled with demons, they attack you. In addition to mining, you must destroy them.

Lastly, all these jobs serve two purposes: finding materials and selling for making money to rebuild your farm. From raw materials, you can craft new items or build machines to support farming. These and other things help you to upgrade your home, build a poultry house, a greenhouse and so on. There are a lot of works to do every day, but you do not have to do anything. Your character has 1 energy bar, which is limited. If you work too hard, your character may faint and things will get worse after that.

Lots of interesting activities

Stardew Valley is not just about the farm, it is about offering a lot of interesting features. You can interact with in-game NPC. This is an exciting activity, in which you should give gifts or talk to them to improve the relationship. However, this interaction is not easy because you cannot give the gifts indiscriminately. Each NPC has different preferences, so you need to understand it so that you do not get confused. In addition, there will be festivals re-created, it is quite like the Easter, Christmas, Halloween and cooking festivities, dancing … They will make you relieve stress after work.

Stardew Valley android game features

Flirt with a girl you like in Stardew Valley

In particular, you can love someone and get married. Besides, you can have a baby and build a happy family. There are 10 NPC that you can love including 5 male and 5 female. Also, you can connect with any character in the village in some way. It sometimes brings unexpected gifts.

Explore new lands

Moreover, surprisingly, the content of this game is huge compared to the original idea of it. In the village, there is a place called Community Center, which has been abandoned for a long time. We have the task of restoring that house. Once part of the house is restored, the game map will be expanded. Now, you can move to new areas and discover new adventures. This feature is a great incentive for players to continue playing games for hours.

Community Center in Stardew Valley APK

Community Center in Stardew Valley Mobile

Stardew Valley is an Indie farm-em-up mobile game with lots of interesting features. If you are a fan of indie games, maybe you interested: Pocket City Mobile and Merge Plane.

How to install Stardew Valley APK on Android?

After a long wait, we can finally experience the official Android version of this game. If you do not have a visa account or discount code available to buy this game. We will show you how to download and install it for free. But first, let’s talk about the configuration requirements of the game. You need to meet:

  • Your device needs to run Android oS at least 4.4 or newer.
  • At least 1GB of RAM and 220MB of free memory.
  • Network connection required to play.
  • No Root required.

Yes, we think it is not difficult to meet the configuration requirements of the game. Now you need to follow the instructions below to download and install Stardew Valley for free:

  • Download all the files we have provided. Save it to your device.
  • Install APK file as usual. You can see the game icon appears at APP Drawer, but it needs one more step to play.
  • Using File Manager and extract the remaining file, you get a folder named com.chucklefish.stardewvalley. Move it to the Android/OBB path.
  • All done! Open the game and enjoy!

Get Stardew Valley for Android/iOS

If you have ever enjoyed Harvest Moon, Rune Factory or Animal Crossing before, Stardew Valley is a great choice for you. This game keeps all the best of the names mentioned above. Hope you have successfully downloaded and installed Stardew Valley through our guide! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Mod features:

  • Unlimited Money

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your game opens and takes you to the play store, disconnect your internet before launching the game. I tried to modify the apk to break the internet but the modified apk notices and locks up.

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