Rover Rage APK [Mod Unlimited Resources] Download

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  • December 6, 2018
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Rover Rage apk
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  • Version: 1.0
  • Category: RPG
  • Size: 60MB
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  • Update: March 18, 2019 at 1:05 pm
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Rover Rage APK [Mod Unlimited Resources] Download
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Rover Rage Mod APK – Craft, Loot & Fight

Rover Rage is one of the latest products of Netease. When we mention to Netease Games, we often think of Battle Royale survival games like Ros, Ride Out Heroes… In fact, they have a lot of other quality products on the mobile platform that we usually play without attention. Today we will introduce you one of them named Rover Rage.

Rover Rage apk

The developer has not officially released Rover Rage on Play Store. However, it is possible for you to experience this game early. We bring to you the APK file for this game, which you can install it easily without any difficulty.

 Fictional background

In the near future, civilization on the Earth comes to an end, in which people would be forced to seek new land. Rover Rage Mobile is set in an outer space, where people are curious to discover and explore the way they live and develop. Thanks to the Rover (auto car on the moon and other planets), its modular technology is still deeply influenced on the human civilization.

Rover Rage apk download

By combining the different modules collected on abandoned planets, people can create super-special machines with limitless capabilities, making the module an indispensable resource and symbolic of power. In Rover Rage, your task is to win the opponent for getting the module parts.

Build your Rover

As mentioned, your task is to create Rovers that can fight in space. At the beginning of the game, you need to select a robot to search for modules. Once you have chosen the right robot, you can increase its power, or customize the equipment from the numerous options that the game brings. You can assemble guns, rockets, lasers, electromagnetic waves… for increasing the combat ability, or you can buy and equip accessories to accelerate the durability of your machine.

Rover Rage (by NetEase Games)

Rover Rage Mobile offers a modular system with over 200 different types of functions such as Cannon, Sniper, EMP, Laser, etc. It can be said that anything you have ever thought of the fighting machines is all within reach. You can use these modules without following any rules.

Therefore, the Rover that people create is not the same. You can assemble your Rover in any shape you like. It could be that a Rover is equipped with a sniper rifle and cannon which can attack enemies at long distances, or you can choose small details such as drill bits and blades to increase your strength and speed of movement, all of which can be done your way.

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The game modes

The game takes players into a large map outside the universe where many modules exist for you to collect. However, to do that is not easy. The battlefield is full of pitfalls and dangers that you must always take precautions. By just a small mistake, your Rover will probably be destroyed. You need to fight with other players in a real-time battle.

Rover Rage gameplay

The game offers 2 game modes including Campaign and Duo.

  • In Campaign mode, you will learn how to build the strongest Rover. To do this, you need to perform tasks in the campaign of the game. You have to complete them to open the new modules and get rewards.
  • Duo mode is where you and another player will create a team and fight with each other on the battlefield. In this mode, the battle takes place in real time, so a small mistake can make you lose. Effective cooperation ensures that you and your teammates have the glory.


Overall, Rover Rage is an interesting Android game and worth a try if you are a fan of making the machine guns. It is not just the first mobile game that allows players to assemble and create Rovers but also gives you wonderful experiences through the dramatic battles in the vast universe.

Do you love this game? Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about Rover Rage.

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