Overdrive City – Car Tycoon Game 0.8.31 (Original)

Overdrive City – Car Tycoon Game 0.8.31 (Original)

Overdrive City – Car Tycoon Game is a new simulation mobile game from the developer Gameloft SE. It allows players to develop a city where everything revolves around cars. Of course, the work is not easy when you will start from zero. However, there are many interesting things waiting for. Please join us to check it right now!

Summary information about Overdrive City

Full NameOverdrive City
Mod FeaturesNO
Latest Version0.8.31
RequireAndroid 4.4
Latest UpdateFebruary 14, 2020
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Manage and develop your Car town

In Overdrive City – Car Tycoon Game, you become the boss of a Car Town, whose task of developing the city into a paradise for cars. Gamers will start the game with many different jobs. You don’t know where to start. Do not worry because the assistant will guide you. At the beginning of the game, players have to name and choose the badge for the town. All the information will be in the center of your city. Also, you can change the color and shape of the Badge at any time.

Overdrive City mod gameplay

To grow the city, gamers need to build works and expand them. At the beginning of the game, you will have Car Center, Race Track, garage. They will help you produce the first vehicle. Your first product will be an old Volkswagen. Gamers will take care of it at the car care center and start the race. When you have the necessary materials, you can develop new buildings. Moreover, players can build factories to produce car parts such as screws, body, doors, tires … You just need to drag and drop the necessary materials to start manufacturing. The equipment you build will be used to upgrade vehicles or be exchanged for keys for participating in the race. The higher the level is, the more works you will unlock. Besides, you can even build a harbor to transport more cars and parts.

Also, you can summarize what you will have to do in the game in order: Car care center, participating in races to win rewards and unlocking new cars, building spare parts factories, upgrading vehicles. Overall, there are many interesting things you need to do in Overdrive City for developing your car business.

Unlock and upgrade cars

Completing the races is the simplest way for you to unlock new cars. After winning each race, you will receive cash, research points, and Blueprints. Once you collect the required number of Blueprints, you can unlock new cars. Each of them needs a certain number of Blueprints. Besides making money from races, you can buy them at the Research Center by paying research points. In Overdrive City, the cars are categorized according to their popularity and value. Currently, there are 50 different cars. When you are rich enough, you can unlock an S-class car (the most advanced), or Porsche Carrera GT.

Overdrive City cars collection

In addition to unlocking new cars, gamers can upgrade existing models. To upgrade the parameters of the car, there are 4 options, including Acceleration, Top Speed, Grid and Braking. For each upgrade option, players need to use the necessary materials. They are usually produced in factories. Besides, there is also an option to change the appearance of the cars. When you reach level 4, you can unlock and build a building called Body Shop. Here, you can freely customize the look of the vehicle with many options, such as colors, add textures and so on.

Cars collection

Gameloft has brought a diverse vehicle system with many famous brands, which they have done very well on games of the Asphalt series. Players can produce and upgrade supercars, such as BMW, Ford, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Mercedes and so on. They are already under the franchise so you will see cars with the exact same shape and details as the real one. Some typical models are present in Overdrive City such as Ford Mustang GT (1968), Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII (2004), Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (1963), Nissan Skyline 72 (1972) ), Porsche 718 Cayman (2018), BMW M2 (2018), Subaru WRX STI (2018)…

Overdrive City add friend and trade

Make friends and Trade

Overdrive City has an interesting feature that reminds us of Hay Day. Specifically, you can build a Trade Market where you can sell items to other players. To visit a city from an account, you need to make friends with them. After that, you can make the transaction. Besides visiting your friends’ Trade Market to buy items, you can also give offers to exchange items. The transaction feature is really useful when you are missing something and cannot produce it immediately.

Control mechanism

Overdrive City takes the theme of cars but it is not a racing game as you imagine. It focuses more on simulation elements than on the pure racing experiences you often see on other brands like Asphalt series. Because of things, the control mechanism is very simple. You just touch or drag and drop to perform actions. At the racetrack, you don’t even need to control your car. There is an option that allows it to be fully automatic and you can also change the speed at each race (up to 3 times) so that it finishes faster. If you want to directly control the vehicle, the customization is also very limited. Gamers just hold to go forward, release to brake. Overdrive City’s control mechanism is very good to bring a great experience for a simulation game.


If you love city building simulation games, Overdrive City is a good choice. Besides, the game offers you an interesting racing element. It brings you simple but fun gameplay where players will have to manage and develop a city of cars. Currently, Overdrive City is available on both iOS and Android. Readers can download the game at the link below.

Download Overdrive City – Car Tycoon Game 0.8.31 (Original)

Here is the area that displays all the links to download Overdrive City for free. Please select the correct version you want as well as read our installation guide carefully to avoid any problems during download and installation. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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