Lumia Saga APK 1.26

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  • August 6, 2019
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Details about Lumia Saga MOD APK

Lumia Saga APK 1.26
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Lumia Saga is an MMORPG mobile game developed by Shengqu Games and released by Century Game in Southeast Asia. About Century Game, it is formerly named DianDian Interactive Holding, which was founded in August 2010. Since then, the company has released several canvas games for Facebook such as Family Farm, Royal Story, and Happy Acres. Besides, they had other great successes including Family Farm Seaside (2013), King of Avalon (2016) and Guns of Glory (2017).

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Lumia Saga is a great game, which is extremely successful after a short time in Korea. It is expected to become a leading MMORPG this year. In Lumia Saga, you play the role of adventurers, who go to discover the new lands. During the exploration process, players will meet many monsters in different lands. Like other typical MMORPG games, players will also do tasks, collect items, develop equipment… In particular, Lumia Saga is the first MMORPG with extremely cute chibi cartoon graphics.

The gameplay

Lumia Saga has the outstanding features of a typical MMORPG. In the game, your task is to control the heroes, participate in battles and complete a huge task system. Besides, you also need to search for necessary materials to manufacture, strengthen equipment and develop the character to conquer higher levels.

Also, you can allocate character attributes and equipment as well as have the right to shape your fighting style to be different from others. Even, the game brings a manufacturing system, which allows you to freely combine materials to create new weapons or equipment. During boss battles, you have the opportunity to receive special items called Magic core. It is one of the most useful ingredients to help you strengthen weapons or items. You can install the magic core in any part of the equipment or costume you want.

Lumia Saga Gameplay

In addition, some indispensable features of an MMORPG game are PVE and PVP modes. You can fight in 1v1 matches with other players around the world in real-time matches. Besides, the game motivates players to communicate with each other to form a strong community. Also, the game allows players to make friends with NPC. This is one of the distinctive features between Lumia Saga and other MMORPG.

Choose your Hero

Lumia Saga has 8 character classes for you to choose from with completely different attributes and skills. The player can change the character at will, switch back and forth without being confined to any class. This will enable players to freely select the character that matches their tactics in PVE or PVP mode.

Lumia Saga creat your hero

In Lumia Saga, each character will have their unique skills which can be adjusted to match in battles. This gives players new options to apply different tactics in each battle. Besides, in each class, you can choose the hairstyle, hair color, eyes color… depending on your preference to create a unique character. Moreover, players can choose the character voice option they like instead of the default as many other mobile games. In Lumia Saga, each character will have their unique skills and skills combo. Gamers can adjust them to match in specific battles. This gives players new options to apply more tactics options

The graphics and sound

In addition to designing images with cute chibi style, Lumia Saga is also attracted by impressive 3D graphics. You will enjoy a game with good image quality, which is not inferior to other blockbuster games on mobile. Also, the developer allows you to adjust the graphics settings based on your device’s configuration. You can access the Settings, navigate to the Graphics option, select a suitable graphics level. They include Godly, Ultra HD and High Frame Rate. Besides, also in the setting, players can customize the camera angle to have a good observation in battles.

Lumia Saga Mod APK graphics


If you are a fan of mobile MMORPG, Lumia Saga will be a perfect choice for you. In addition to the above features, the game has many mysteries with a large map that you need to explore. You can download Lumia Saga now at the link below to quickly enjoy this cute Chibi world.

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