Lego Cube APK 1.0

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  • August 11, 2019
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Details about Lego Cube MOD APK

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  • Version: 1.0
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Lego Cube APK 1.0
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Lego Cube is the first lego-branded mobile game in China. The game was developed by Tencent Games and named Lego Unlimited in China. Currently, Lego Cube / Lego Unlimited is only released and available in China. This is the first mobile game developed under the strategic cooperation between LEGO Group and Tencent to provide an exciting, creative and safe digital experience in China. The game was released to the public by the end of 2018.

Lego Cube APK download

Build iconic LEGO properties

Coming to Lego Cube, players will use Lego building blocks to create objects, buildings, vehicles, or people. Initially, the player takes a bit of time to get used to how to play and build everything. However, after a short time, you can quickly build your dream Lego collection. You will feel the brick walls and turn them into necessary items, unique and creative things… It is not difficult to realize that Lego Cube is inspired by Minecraft with similarities in gameplay and graphics.

Lego Cube gameplay

Besides the freedom to build characters, maps, facilities, players also have the right to create their own new gaming mechanism. Lego Cube provides players with extremely powerful and easy-to-use tools to design their own gameplay. Players can make this game work great on other PCs, mobile devices and platforms. The game truly gives you the dream-building tool that comes true.

True experiences

Upon entering Lego Cube, players will have extremely honest and free building and discovery experiences. In the Lego Cube world, players will be able to mine, build, explore new lands and survive. In addition, players also experience many different game modes.

Not only experience difficult terrain, dangerous situations, players also face changing weather, dark dungeons and secret rooms. Moving vehicles are also one of the great experiences in Lego Cube. The better the player’s experience is, the richer you are and build a better world of your own.

Lego Cube creat your world

Many different modes

The developer has put a lot of modes into Lego Cube so that players can freely enjoy their game without being bored. Currently, Lego Cube has more than 100 game modes including racing, shooting, RPG, etc. Moreover, there are many different and varied maps designed by other players. This will bring a lot of surprises to players because Lego Cube always has new things and you don’t know what you face.

Lego Cube game mode

Develop imagination and creativity

Lego Cube encourages players to explore, create and learn in the game. Players are provided endless access to construction and discovery. The games in Lego Cube are not bound by the rules of traditional games. Instead of a story or linear structure, players are encouraged and empowered to explore this game world at will. Creativity is at the core of the game, imagination can be one of the only limits in the Lego Cube. Lego Cube also provides players with the opportunity to develop skills including building, coding and 3D design.

Connect with friends

After you have completed your works, you can invite friends to come and experience the game. This gives you more opportunities to engage your friends and get suggestions to improve them. Inviting friends and experiences is extremely simple and convenient.

However, Lego Cube still protects players of all ages through protection features on content design and products. Users sign up for parental controls and help manage the interaction between players and players more safely. In addition, Lego Cube also requires players to verify their identity and age because the player has a lot of control in this game. This will empower children to play Lego Cube but on a dedicated server and have child safety measures. In addition, Lego Cube has its own anti-addiction system to ensure a safe and healthy playing experience.


Lego Cube is suitable for all ages, so parents can fully build their dream world with their children. The limits of the kids are endless, so let them maximize your skills in the Lego Cube. Currently, Lego Cube is highly appreciated by the diversity, freedom and extremely authentic experiences it brings. Players can build, explore, experience and share them for relatives and friends. A lot of fans in other countries outside China are waiting for this game to be released globally so everyone has the chance to experience it.

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