Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek APK Download [Mod] for Android/iOS

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  • December 10, 2018
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Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek APK Download [Mod] for Android/iOS
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Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek is the sequel version of Hello Neighbor, a popular mobile game. In this part, players will discover events and stories that are considered to be the reason for the sequel of the game.


The gameplay

As mentioned, Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek is an action puzzle game that combines with the horror element, in which you have to find out about the past of the neighbor, who is a bad and mysterious guy. In Hello Neighbor, you play a curious boy with things around him. On a beautiful day, you decided to break into your neighbor’s mysterious house to uncover the secrets that he is hiding in the basement of the house.


You use many different items found in the surroundings to escape easier but more stressful. The game background not only takes place in the home of his neighbors but also in four other fantasy worlds. The game requires players to focus on solving any unexpected situations.

Although you are very careful and move like a cat, the neighbor can still find out and hunt you down. The reason why he stops anyone intending to approach his house will be explained in Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek.

Explore the mystery story

Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek iOS will explain all the questions that you have not solved before. The game brings the player back to the moment before the grief event came to the neighbor. The thing starts from a simple “hide and seek” game between his sisters and him, the mysteries of the game will be revealed. Through a series of events such as the disappearance of a family member, dangerous games and a lot of reminisces of the sad scene of the brother character brings a full emotional story. The game will reveal to you who your neighbor is and why he lives a life of isolation with so many secrets.


From a person who is always cheerful and playful to his sister, the character becomes increasingly frightened and psychologically unsettled after the loss. The hide and seek game that they often played together had become a game filled with horror elements. Basically, you will become the sister character in the game. Your task is to find a way to escape the control of his brother – the neighbor.

The graphics and sound

The game is still based on the graphics are designed in a beautiful animated style. Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek brings a sad and dark story that nobody would think of. Everything will be revealed gradually through every moment in the game. It does not contain horror or bloody images, but Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek still feels stressful and nervous with repetitive sounds, footsteps or breathing, which show the tension when you have to move at different locations and find ways to escape from this horror game.


What is the end of the story? Download Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek APK for free and search for answers yourself.


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