GTA: Vice City APK Download (Data/MOD) for Android

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  • August 11, 2018
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GTA: Vice City APK Download (Data/MOD) for Android
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GTA: Vice City APK + Data

Grand Theft Auto (commonly known as GTA) is a video game series of the adventurous action game genre, which is primarily developed by Rockstar North and released by Rockstar Games. GTA has many world records. It is in the top five best video games ever. Initially, the GTA was aimed at PC users, but things have gradually changed, the Grand Theft Auto is present on most of the popular platforms including mobile. The current series has ten independent versions and four extensions. Today, we would like to introduce you to one of them: GTA Vice City Mobile. In this article, we will guide you to download GTA Vice City APK completely free and install games easily on your Android device.

GTA: Vice City Infomation:

GTA:Vice City or Grand Theft: Auto Vice City
Rock Stars Games
Latest Version:
Support:Android 4.0+
Root Requires:
Category:Action, Sandbox
Download:1 Million +
Mod Features:Money


GTA: Vice City apk download

Download GTA: Vice City for Android

GTA: Vice City Official on Mobile

In 2002, GTA released the first version of GTA Vice City. At first, it was only introduced on the PlayStation and PC, which attracted millions of fans around the world and quickly became one of the most popular games. So far, GTA Vice City has sold 17.5 million copies and became the most popular video game of the 21st century.

Finally, Rockstar Games also released GTA Vice City on Android, which you can find in the top rankings of the most popular games on the Play Store. GTA Vice City got 1 million downloads on mobile devices running the Android operating system and received very good feedback from players. Most players assume that they have experienced all the features

GTA Vice City is not the only game of Rockstar released on Android, several other versions of the GTA have also been officially released on Android. You may like them:

GTA: Vice City apk

Download GTA: Vice City APK Full

GTA: Vice City Story

Vice City was primarily set in the underworld in 1986. The plot focuses on Tommy Vercetti, a notorious mafia boss who has just released from the prison. He wished to set up his own criminal regime. He had been involved in many dangerous missions, carried out robberies, attacked the police and conducted the large numbers of drug trafficking.

Vice City takes players into an open world, including a lot of car action, third-person shooters, helicopter battles. In the game, you will be involved in chase, gunfight and car hijacking… in a fictional fantasy city in Vice City, is based in Miami with many buildings, vehicles and people as in real life

Play in your way

Vice City is a sandbox game, in which you will be free to do anything that you want. The tasks do not follow the given order, which you can perform any task order you choose. However, in the meantime, Vice City only allows players to perform a few tasks. After completing those tasks, the player is allowed to continue performing the following tasks.
The more you do, the more experience, fun and powerful weapons you will have. You can also take a break while waiting for a new mission by driving around the city. Controlling the car in the game is difficult, but when you get to know the controls, you will find this a great way to travel to explore the city. You will be more flexible if you choose a motorbike. But you are easy to be attacked or pursued by the police.

The graphics and sound

GTA Vice City Mobile has the great graphics with beautiful character designs and realistic lighting effects. City Vice City is built with the high buildings, streets filled with cars, bars, shops or the construction site. If you play the game long enough, you will notice that the effects in Vice City are very well done. For example, when you run and collide, the car is damaged and may catch fire, or when you fire on others, or effects when the environment is destroyed. The game is well optimized and runs smoother on most mobile devices. The latest version of Vice City is updated with many new maps and vehicles.

Vice City owns a large number of professional dubbing actors and actresses. Also, it has a huge music library of the 80s with funny radio sound of Rockstar. The characters in the game become more lively thank to the realistic dubbed voices. In addition, the voices of the supporting characters and environmental noise make the player experience a world like real life.

Final Verdict

GTA Vice City APK is a great action game on Android. It retained the classic look of the original in 2002 but was rebuilt with the better graphics and sound. The game takes the player into a large open world, experiencing the feeling of being a professional criminal, freeing everything and shooting anyone. Vice City is the highly entertaining game that helps players release the stress. The game also requires agility and intelligence in carrying out missions. You can download GTA Vice City on the link below.

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