Glorious Town APK+ OBB v2.1.303 (Mod Money)

Glorious Town APK+ OBB v2.1.303 (Mod Money)

When the storms of Battle Royale Game are disappearing, other mobile games are also getting more attention. Glorious Town is a new product released on Play Store. However, the game quickly attracted players by the familiar features of MMORPG on impressive graphics.

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There is a beautiful continent on the other side of the universe all kinds of creatures lived harmoniously under the protection of thestar soul of Nowlin for thousands of years until… The coming of an uninvited guest, Asados. He tried to loot everything of this continent and the gods came out boldly to stop him. Asados was too powerful that no one could kill him. The gods made every effort to seal him successfully. Finally, the gods fall in an endless sleep because of exhaustion…

A traditional MMORPG on mobile

Glorious Town is not an RPG with a lot of unique features. It is simply a classic MMORPG with familiar features that you have seen on other RPG. The game brings the features similar to other RPG like Lineage, Animus… with Western-style graphics. In addition, fantasy storylines also make the game more attractive.

Glorious Town gameplay

Glorious Town brings players a large map with many different locations. Each place you come to always has the typical task to conquer. You can complete them for getting amazing rewards and unlock new skills for character or buy new equipment…

Select your Heroes

To start the adventure in the game, you need to choose a hero. You should remember that you cannot change the hero during the game. The game has four different classes: Warrior, Mage, Assassins, Priest, and Archers with male or female genders, depending on the position. Each class will definitely possess the typical characteristics, attributes and skill trees to their role in the team. Depending on your preferences and fighting style, you should choose a suitable class.

Glorious Town mod apk

With its familiar development, Glorious Town Mobile has made the players easily approach to a clear mission system and seamless storyline throughout the game. You will complete missions to level up and unlock features that will increase your character’s strength.

Control system

The interface and control mechanism also does not make it difficult for players. With 4 main skills and a special skill, they are displayed right on the screen which you can activate at any time. Of course, the skill has a cooldown so you can only use it after a certain amount of time. The skills can be combined to create the beautiful combo, strong support in combat.

Glorious Town heroes

Glorious Town mobile not only highlights the characteristics of each character class but also gives you the feeling of the action in each skill performance, which bring the player the great phases of a monster train, solo,…

Graphics and sound

Going into the plot and detail in Glorious Town, players will be completely immersed in the scene and the great sound, which is constantly changed. Sometimes, the game is peaceful, free to explore the life of the village with friendly people. On the other hand, the game brings the danger and fight to you with the giant monsters or meet the strange people… All bring to the exciting adventure experience for players.

The developer has also been very careful in building the architecture, combining the colors that are suitable for each situation and content in the game. Especially, the beautiful 3D graphics make the player feel like watching a movie full of charisma.


In addition to possessing superior graphics, Glorious Town also owns extensive activities. Players can explore a variety of quests in the game through the following modes: story, side quest, boss hunt, arena… The game also features the community characteristics, which always stimulate the interaction among the players. You can easily communicate and make friends through online voice chat. In addition, the Guild feature supports many players by allowing players to create teams to fight together and help each other accomplish tasks.

If you are an RPG fan on mobile, you cannot ignore Glorious Town Mod APK. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now!

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