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  • May 2, 2019
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Ghostpol APK- Many people still wonder what will happen when we die. Whether our life tasks can still be accomplished by ourselves. In the world, we have many different theories about what will happen after people die. But in Ghostpol, the work that we have not finished on earth will be solved when we die.

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In Ghostpol ‘s world, players will be transformed into a patriotic policeman. A policeman has a nice and happy family, suddenly caught in a trap of a secret gang and makes him die
He loves all the people in the city, always wants to do everything to keep everyone’s life safe. This makes many people in the city of heartbroken and mournful. Because he is an extremely precious and honest policeman. Moreover, secret and dangerous organizations are raging and threatening people’s lives. Death still doesn’t mean it all, he becomes a ghost cop and continues to help people. Ghostpol allows players to hear the thoughts and thoughts of the people you meet to find clues. He will help people solve problems that police cannot perform. Besides, he can find important clues to find the leaders of mysterious gangs.

Ghostpol APK gameplay

Interesting gameplay

Ghostpol is a non-linear puzzle game. Players play a ghost cop and help solve cases through reading the thoughts of those present at the scene and across the city. Players will travel around the city to read the thoughts in the minds of every citizen and synthesize them. You must filter out any important clues to filter out and link them up to solve the case. There are thoughts that have nothing to do with the incident, you can eliminate them to avoid confusion in the process of synthesizing clues.

Ghostpol APK features

There are small cases happening throughout the city. You will support the police and solve them. There are many different types of cases, including robberies, bank robberies, house fires, etc. The people around them are nearby who give important clues and are most relevant to the case to be resolved. Therefore, you should focus on the strong points of people near the area where the case occurred. Players must solve many different types of puzzles including puzzle, sudoku, … These games are not too complicated but it is not entirely easy. You have to think a little to complete these challenges. Players can solve these games according to the order you want, you are not forced to do anything in this game. Because protecting this city is voluntary and your heart.

Lovely city

Although the game is based on police motifs, robberies, and creepy gangs, Ghostpol has a very innocent and optimistic color. The police officer has no ability to take revenge or harm anyone even as a ghost and he can read people’s thoughts. What he did was help people solve difficult cases, so Ghostpol has a very bright and lovely color. The characters are designed very lovely, eye-catching and colorful. Many different hairstyles and costumes for many people in the city. It is very difficult to find 2 characters with the same appearance completely. They will often wear the right clothes for their work. For example, police will have their own uniforms, food sellers will wear chef costumes and wear billboards. There are also characters wearing office clothes or extremely stylish outfits.

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Ghostpol APK download

Interestingly, these characters have their own personalities and behaviors. Therefore, actions and thoughts are very humorous in many different ways. The buildings are designed in a very modern and colorful way. Amusement park buildings or eateries are often colorful and eye-catching signs. And administrative places like city offices often have more serious colors. Overall, the city in Ghostpol is very beautiful and lovely. Players will want to protect this city from being clean and safer by its beauty and its people.

Ghostpol is extremely well designed and complete. Bus stations, trees, benches, phone booths, and other small details are designed very lovingly. Besides, many other features of a developed city such as solar power on rooftops also appear in Ghostpol.


In short, Ghostpol is an interesting game with interesting images. Players will want to solve the case with their love for this lovely city, not because the game ordered you to do it. Ghostpol is currently in trial play and will be available on both Android and iOS operating systems.

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