Gacha Life Mod APK 1.0.9 [Unlimited Money/Full Unlocked]

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  • February 18, 2019
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Gacha Life Mod APK [Unlimited Money/Full Unlocked]
  • Developer:
  • Version: 1.0.9
  • Category: Simulation
  • Size: 100M
  • MOD Features:
  • Update: February 18, 2019 at 12:37 pm
  • Get it from: Play Store
Gacha Life Mod APK 1.0.9 [Unlimited Money/Full Unlocked]
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Gacha Life is a fashion game released by Lunime. In this game, you will be able to create cute cartoon characters in Japanese anime style. With hundreds of costumes, hairstyles, accessories, and weapons, your creativity will not have any limits. Moreover, the game also integrates many mini-games to help you relax and earn more diamonds.

Gacha Life Mod APK [Unlimited Money/Full Unlocked]

Gacha Life Gameplay

Like other fashion games, you first need to select a character and create that character in your favorite style. Everything is very simple. You just select the items available on the list and see how the character changes. If you are worried about this simple gameplay that can make your character coincide with another player’s character, you have been already mistaken. With a large number of different items, the players can customize the small details on the costumes, hairstyles, and even the character’s emotions. The number of characters is created up to millions.

Gacha Life Mod APK [Unlimited Money/Full Unlocked]

To create a character, you first need to select a character from Character Slots or Extra Slots. These characters are designed in a personal style and quite full on costumes. Your job is simply to change a part or change everything as you like. After completing the character creation, you can select the Profile section to name and add personal information such as date of birth, hobbies, place of residence, Relationship, Personality…

Gacha Life Mod APK [Unlimited Money/Full Unlocked]

Studio section is a great place for you to create a unique setting. You can place the characters you have just created in any position you like with simple drag and drop operations. You can also zoom and rotate 360 degrees so you can adjust the size and change the direction of the characters. The game has the option for players to save the background image created with the characters, but it does not allow players to download. To save the wallpaper, you can touch the Hide button in the top right corner to view the full-screen image and capture the phone screen using the shortcut.

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Play mini-games

Gacha Life is not just a fashion game. You can also get diamonds by leveling and emulating other players through mini-games. With cute style, you need to be friendly to level up. Talking, asking, giving presents and placing puzzles with other characters will help you to quickly level up. Each time you do that, your Stamina bar will decrease. To fill it up, you need to buy Gacha with diamonds. Gacha can help you get gifts and restore Stamina.

Gacha Life Mod APK [Unlimited Money/Full Unlocked]

You should take advantage of the free diamond by catching the opportunities that developers have suggested for you. So, you can visit the Gifts section on the game main screen and sign up for the YouTube channel or Developer’s Twitch to get rewards. Each channel you register successfully will receive 100 or 200 diamonds. If you want more diamonds, you can choose Watch Ad. Every time the video is viewed, players will receive randomly from 10 to 150 diamonds.

Free Download Gacha Life APK now!

Gacha Life is the best and most comprehensive fashion game. In which, players will experience many new and unique features. The mini-games are simple and easy to play. You can understand how to play at the first time. However, you need to hit a certain number of points if you want to get reward diamonds. The higher the achievement is, the higher the number of diamonds you will receive. More, the developer of Gacha Life is also very generous with players when allowed just to see the ad to receive a huge amount of diamonds. With the diamonds you have got, it is enough for you to explore all the features of the game without having to buy them in the app store. Please download the game at the link below!

Gacha Life Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • All Unlocked
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