FM 2019 (Football Manager 2019 Mobile) APK Download+Data for Android

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fm mobile 2019 apk download
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FM 2019 (Football Manager 2019 Mobile) APK Download+Data for Android
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Football Manager 2019 Mobile is the latest addition to SEGA’s Football Manager – FM series. Football Manager 2019 Mobile brings new features to enhance the player experience. If you are a fan of sports and simulation games, you definitely cannot miss Football Manager 2019.


What is Football Manager 2019 (FM 2019 Mobile)?

Football Manager is one of the most successful games on many platforms. The first version of the series was released in 1992 as Championship Manager. Currently, Sega has changed their series name to Football Manager. They also release it on many platforms like Console, PC, and Mobile.

You may not know, on the mobile platform, only one product of this series was launched before Football Manager 2018. Sega released the 2019 version of the game with great success from Football Manager 2018. The new version, Football Manager 2019, retains the traditional gameplay with the emergence of the world’s top football teams with the great number of football players, which give the gamers the best experience. With the redesigned logo, adding a lot of new features and improvements to the gameplay, as well as getting a license for the DFL Bundesliga (Germany) for the first time, Football Manager 2019 promises to be even more comprehensive in bringing the most realistic football management experience ever.

fm mobile 2019 apk download

Football Manager 2019 Key Features

Focus on football management

In this version, FM 2019 Mobile makes it easy for the manager to focus more on management and team developing. In the old version, the matches take place in real time, which you need to be directly involved with the player’s activities on the pitch. However, it has been eliminated in this version. This change is intended to make the role of a football manager more realistic. It also marks a significant step forward for the series.


You will start the game with a small club with a limited budget and underdeveloped players. Your task is to manage the club and develop it into a big team on the world football map. To do this, you have to start with the smallest work: Choose a club name, a uniform color, build a stadium… then manage the club finances so that it does not ruin it. Do not forget to search and recruit good players or develop young talent, join the league and bring glory to the team.

Everything in Football Manager 2019 Mobile becomes ever more authentic when you have to do everything in the role of a real boss of the team. You have to try your best to grow your team and win the glory.

Add more new league, more fun

After a long negotiation of copyright, FM 2019 Mobile brings two more major tournaments in the world including Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2. It offers more options for those who love the German club like Bayer Muchen, Dortmund, Wolfsburg… Of course, the famous stars in this tournament will also appear such as Manuel Neuer, Marco Reus, James Rodriguez … In the 2018-2019 Season, Bayer Muchen is severely diminished and suffered Overwhelmed by Dortmund, whether this happens in FM 2019 Mobile. The answer depends on you.

Football Manager 2019 Mobile bundesliga

In addition, many young players and talents receive updates on the stats. So, in the time of the transfer market, players have to be smart enough to build a team that can dominate the world. Combine the player data to build up the logical strategy to become the strongest team.

Create your own strategy

FM 2019 Mobile brings many popular tactics in football to the gamers. You can choose one of them and apply to your team. If you have enough knowledge of football, you can even create your own tactics and build your own team.

Football Manager 2019 Mobile features

Developing young players is an important task that all the managers have to pay attention to, which saves you a huge amount of money from buying the expensive football players. The training system of Football Manager 2019 Mobile has also been improved by SEGA and brought some changes. It consists of 3 training sessions per day instead of the previous one, which will give you more opportunities to develop your team.


Football Manager 2019 Mobile is definitely the game that owns the biggest player database ever. Currently, the game has more than 21,500 active players in the list and is continuing to update. You will see the superstars of football in the world such as Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar … However, their price is not cheap. The players are still evaluated based on the health, speed, skills … However, you should not focus on players who are famous or have “good” index, because it is very expensive. You should pay attention to other things such as young talented players, who can bring huge profits if you know how to grow them properly.


The huge player system offers a lot of options for players in finding the right players for the team. You should not forget to develop your player hunter team with the task of finding and recruiting potential players and bringing them to your team.

The great upgrades in graphics and sound

You can easily feel this when playing the game. The FM 2019 Mobile’s graphics have the great upgrade compared to its previous version. The UI system has been optimized, so you will not have a headache because of the previously confusing UI system. Everything has been rearranged, which is now tidy and more scientific. The sound in FM 2019 Mobile is also impressive with the exciting background music to inspire to gamers. The in-game matches take place with the full range of cheering sounds from all over the arena. Surely, your gaming experience will be significantly improved.

Sega also released the FM 2019 Touch on Android and iOS.


How to download and install Football manager 2019 Mobile APK?

FM 2019 Mobile brings a number of significant improvements that make it the most successful FM game ever. Besides, with the huge content makes this game even though it has no awesome 3D graphics, but still has a massive capacity of over 1GB. You also need a good enough Android device to run the game smoothly. It needs at least 2GB of RAM, 1.5GB of free memory and runs Android 5.0 or higher.

Please follow our guide below to install this game. You should also refer to the article: How to Install APK Games with OBB File?

  • Click on the link that we provide below to download all the required files (APK, OBB, Logo, and Kit Files). Save it to your device.
  • Open the APK file and install it as normal. You can see the icon of the game appear in App Draws, but it does not work. You need to do a few more steps.
  • Use File Manager App to locate OBB, Kit, and Logo files. Now we will process each file one by one.
  • Extract the OBB file, you get the folder named Please move it follows: SD Card: Android / Data.
  • Extract the FM file follows: “Sd Card: Android/data/ “
  • Next, extract the file under the path: “Sd Card: Android/data/ files/installed/graphics”
  • Now select the team you want to manage in the game, and download the corresponding file. We will update the team file regularly. If you do not find your favorite team in this list, please wait for more. We’ll update as soon as it’s available.
  • Extract the file that you have downloaded, then move “fm_save1.dat” file to “Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager Mobile 2019/normal/games”.
  • You can now open the game. Please do the final step to complete the installation process.  At the game’s main screen, go to Settings> Display> Front Ends> Reload. Now, restart the game and enjoy. If you have reopened the game, the logo and kit have not been applied. Please restart your device.
  • All done! You have successfully downloaded and installed FM mobile APK. Open the game and enjoy it now.

Free Download Football Manager 2019 now!

If a big fan of the FM Series, Football Manager 2019 will definitely make you happy. Unlike Fifa or Pes, Football Manager 2019 Mobile‘s gameplay focuses on the other side of the sport, which is managing and developing the team. You will become a dedicated manager, who participates in all the activities of the team, along with the players participating in the world tournament. Are you qualified and talented to do this? Please download the game from the link below to find the answer!

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