Sudoku is one of the popular games that people from around the globe play. Its one-of-the-kind features and easy gameplay are what makes it highly beloved by people of all ages. So what is special about sudoku and what is the essence of the game?

Game Description

Sudoku is a numerical square puzzle, the translation from Japanese means “a number that stands separately.” Some people call the game “magic square” owing to the features it has.

The sudoku playing field is a square divided by another 9 equal squares. In each of them, there are 9 cells – all arranged in 3 lines. Thus, the whole playing field contains 81 cells that a player has to operate to resolve free sudoku puzzles in the most effective way.

A good thing about the game is that it is highly flexible and can be easily adjusted. By choosing the level of difficulty, you can influence the initial conditions of the game. The higher the difficulty bar is, the fewer cells are filled with numbers (from 1 to 9). So we strongly advise you to start with the easiest level first and increase the bar after you are sure about your skills.

You can choose any of the five suggested sudoku difficulties: easy, normal, hard, very hard, and professional. Do not worry, even starting from an easy level, you can become a professional. Compete with other players in the skill and speed of filling sudoku to reach the top of the ranking.

Game Features

Here are the basic game features that you need to take into account before taking part in sudoku:

  • In sudoku, memory (we need to remember numbers) and logic (we understand what numbers need to be entered in empty cells) are involved. Therefore, many have long been saying that solving this difficult puzzle will help you prevent the occurrence of diseases associated with memory loss.
  • Sudoku is a simulator for your logical thinking. You will notice that this skill will improve significantly over time if you devote at least several minutes to this game every day. 
  • Sudoku can improve your sense of time, so you can learn to act practically without a doubt and make decisions quickly.
  • The game can contribute to skill development for finding non-standard solutions and spending a certain time playing the game. Not to lose the achieved result or not to make a mistake in choosing numbers and other factors, you will have to focus on a specific task.

If you register in the game, then you can earn a particular rating. What could be better than another victory? Solving more challenging online sudoku puzzles, you will feel the joy of your success. So why not to spend your free time with tremendous benefit? Register in the game, choose the desired level of difficulty and invite friends with whom you can compete!

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