Download Dragalia Lost APK 1.0.1 (English) – Latest Nintendo’s RPG

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  • August 29, 2018
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Dragalia Lost APK
Download Dragalia Lost APK 1.0.1 (English) – Latest Nintendo’s RPG
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Nintendo is one of the most famous video game producers in the world. Their products are released on many platforms such as PC, Console, and Mobile. Dragalia Lost is the latest product of Nintendo on Mobile. The mobile gaming market has always gotten the attention of Nintendo because it is free to create and develop new game titles on smartphones that has many similarities with their handheld consoles. With the development of technology, the difference in the configuration between Mobile and PC and Console is gradually shrinking. The mobile gaming experience has also improved.

Nintendo’s mobile games have received the great attention from the gaming community, including Pokemon Go, Super Mario Run, and Fire Emblem: Heroes. Therefore, although Dragalia Lost is a new product, it has attracted the attention of those who love the game of Nintendo. In this article, we will show you how to download and install Dragalia Lost APK for free on Android.

Dragalia Lost APK

Dragalia Lost APK Download for Android

Download Dragalia Lost APK – Latest RPG from Nintendo

Dragalia Lost is an ARPG Mobile developed by Nintendo. In fact, this is a product created from the combination of Nintendo and Cygames. (Cygames is a Japanese studio that holds many popular mobile games such  Granblue Fantasy, Shadowverse, Rage of Bahamut, etc.). Nintendo bought Cygames’ 5% stake to invest in a new relationship, commit to launching the latest mobile games for the global market.) Dragalia Lost is a classic Mobile RPG with some new features. In the game, the main task of the player is to control the team of heroes involved in the journey through the various lands, where are ruled by the Dragon. Players fight and win to receive reward and get experience points. Character systems in Dragalia Lost are varied with more than 60 heroes with unique skills.

Dragalia Lost Information:

Dragalia Lost
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Latest Version:
Languages Support:English, Japanese
Support:Android 4.0+
Root Requires:
Mod Features:Updating...

Dragalia Lost is full of elements to become a successful RPG on mobile. The game takes the player into a fantasy world where the dragons live. The task system is quite massive with tons of things that you can do. Explore the mysterious lands, recruit more than 60 different heroes, upgrade equipment, buy new weapons …and much more.  Here are some key features of Dragalia Lost on Android.

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The story of Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost takes the player to the Alberia sanctuary, the dwelling place of dragons – creatures that only appear in the legend. Alberia is governed by the king and members of the royal family, who own the Dragon Transformation. Dragon Transformation is an ancient spell, the warriors of Alberia are the ones who created and used this magic. They perform exchanges with the dragons for their strength and body and participate in battles against enemies. One day, the ghosts appeared, causing the Holy Shard – the shield of the capital of Alberia began to lose its power. In order to save the kingdom, Seventh Prince started his adventure.

The characters

The game revolves around three main characters: Seventh Prince, his sister Zecia and Nahm – a fairy. In this adventure, you have the opportunity to meet and recruit more than 60 other characters. They are the Alberia heroes with unique skills. All characters have the ability to turn into dragons. They can make the contract with many other dragon races to gain new skills after the transformation.

Dragalia Lost APK

Dragalia Lost All Characters in game

  • Seventh Prince: The main character in the game, a cheerful prince with bright hair and smile always appear on the lips. The main weapon is a sword.
  • Zecia: The Prince’s twin sister, one of the key members of the Church of Ilia
  • Nahm: A mysterious fairy created by the magic of Seventh Prince many years ago. She has the sense of humor and always lead the story in this adventure.

Impressive Sound and chibi-graphics

The graphics of Dragalia Lost are quite impressive. The world in the game is designed in classic European style. The map takes players to various parts of the Alberia kingdom with new enemies. Dragalia Lost’s combat system is based on swiping operation on the screen. In addition, the game uses a great theme song by DAOKO – a young J-pop star. Dragalia Lost does not focus on exploiting the seiyuu to dub the characters like other Japanese game titles.

Dragalia Lost Screenshot

Final Verdict

RPG is a popular mobile game genre. There are thousands of RPG games release on Android, but not all of them are good. Dragalia Lost is Nintendo’s latest game, which will definitely bring the purest RPG experience to Android. With thousands of quests, many lands to conquer, four game modes and a lot of items to equip, upgrade … this game will take you many hours to complete. Dragalia Lost is available for free on the Play Store and Appstore. Do you love it? Please leave a comment below.

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