Crazy Kick! 1.7.0 (MOD, Unlocked, Ad-free)

Crazy Kick! 1.7.0 (MOD, Unlocked, Ad-free)

Crazy Kick! (Mod Unlocked) is an interesting mobile casual game, which is now available on Google Play. In the game, the players’ task is to kick the ball for scoring a goal. The game has unique and addictive gameplay. You need to guide the ball, dribble it over the opponents and score the goal. Crazy Kick! was released by VOODOO – a very famous studio for many simple and addictive casual games on mobile. Their game has an animated 3D style, simple colors, and small capacity. Also, we have introduced some of their other games such as Ball Mayhem, Run Race 3D, etc.

Summary information about Crazy Kick!

Full NameCrazy Kick!
Mod FeaturesAll skin Unlocked, Unlimited Diamonds
Latest Version1.7.0
Latest UpdateNovember 27, 2019
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About Crazy Kick! MOD

Crazy Kick! is unlike a classic soccer game like PES Mobile or FIFA. Instead of dividing into 2 teams with 11 players each, you will play this game alone and have to dribble the ball through all the opponents. Your player is your finger. You have to try your best to lead the ball into the goal and get the maximum score. In Crazy Kick!, there are many different levels to challenge players. In every game screen, many players defend the goal, as well as the game set various obstacles to challenge you. The higher the level is, the more difficult the game will be. You have to play the levels one by one.

The gameplay

In each level, players will use the gesture of a finger to touch the screen, move to the right, left, up or down at the appropriate speed to control the ball. There are a lot of players standing on the pitch. You have to dribble through them all. Every time you pass over a person and cause that person to fall, you will get 10 points. After passing the upper defensive team, you will face the goalkeeper. At this point, to finish the ball into the goal, there are two ways for you to choose from: First, you can shoot out of the goalkeeper’s control and score the goal (you will get 25 points). The second, you can trick over the goalkeeper and make him fall (you will get 35 points).

Crazy Kick MOD APK gameplay

If you kick the ball out of the pitch or the goalkeeper can catch it, you have to replay the game. If you cannot pass the defensive players, you will also lose the game.

Some tips: If you shoot early without passing the defensive players, your score is still low even if the distance is far from the goal. To get the as high score as possible, you need to dribble so that the defensive players fall (including the goalkeeper). With every person falling, you get 10 points. With a goal, you will receive 25 points.

Many maps and obstacles

There are many different maps in Crazy Kick!. Besides, there are many backgrounds of the football stadium such as grass, the building terrace, beach… In particular, the football stadium is not only rectangular but also any shape and different size. Moreover, you can see many unique pitches such as 2 building terraces with a free space between them, a beach with a deep hole in the middle… If you lead the ball into the bad areas, the ball will fall then you lose. Each map will be arranged with different players and obstacles such as wooden crates, fences, deep holes…, which block your vision and ball way.

Crazy Kick Graphics

The graphics and vibration effects

Crazy Kick (MOD Diamonds) has bright graphics in cartoon style. The game uses monochrome colors for image details. Besides, the character’s details have no shadow effects, no complex colors…, which help players focus more on the game. Also, the scenes are simplified design, mainly focusing on the game’s gesture of the player. Therefore, the game is very light even though it is a 3D game. Moreover, Crazy Kick! has no sound. Instead, it provides gamers with a vibration effect. The device will vibrate when the ball is shot, which creates a new feeling for players.

How to Remove the ads?

If you have played Voodoo games before, you will see that they always have lots of ads. Understandably, the game does not have a lot of in-app purchases so the developer will only make the profits from the ads. However, the ads appear will reduce your gaming experience. If you want to remove ads, there are 3 options that we offer for you to choose from:

  • Disconnect the internet connection when playing the game: This is the simplest way but it will prevent you from receiving notifications from other applications such as Messenger, FaceBook, Spotify, etc.
  • Purchase an IAP package to remove ads: Having an IAP allows you to pay $ 1.99 to remove ads completely.
  • Use Crazy Kick! MOD that we have provided in this article. Surely, this is the best option. You just download and install the APK file we have provided. Then, you can enjoy the game without being bothered by the ads.

Configuration requirements

Crazy Kick! MOD has a quite light capacity of 59MB, which is suitable for most mobile devices today. However, for the best experience, your device must meet the following requirements:

  • Android: Android 4.4 or higher with the minimum RAM of 1GB and at least 60MB of free internal memory.
  • iOS: iOS 9.0 version or higher.


Crazy Kick! is a fun game for satisfying your entertainment needs in the free time. It has unique gameplay, the bright and fun graphics. Currently, the game is available on Google Play for free to download. If you want to enjoy the game without the annoying ads, please download Crazy Kick! MOD APK below. Thanks and have fun!

Download Crazy Kick! 1.7.0 (MOD, Unlocked, Ad-free)

Here is the area that displays all the links to download Crazy Kick! for free. Please select the correct version you want as well as read our installation guide carefully to avoid any problems during download and installation. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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