Blocksbuster! MOD APK v3 (By Voodoo)

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  • June 13, 2019
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Details about Blockbuster! MOD APK Latest Version

  • Developer:
  • Version: 3
  • Category: Arcade
  • Size: 48M
  • MOD Features: Free Ad, Unlocked
  • Update: July 14, 2019 at 5:42 pm
  • Get it from: Play Store
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Blocksbuster (Mod Money), an incredibly strange arcade game developed by VOODOO. This is an extremely peculiar game, however, it gives players a strange attraction. VOODOO is a very popular mobile game publisher and has now launched many games in the market with many different genres. But most of the games from Voodoo belong to the arcade and puzzle genre. Most are not games that need a lot of time and effort to build. Their games often bring real relaxing moments. They often do not bring much meaning but are very attractive. Typically, Animal Rescue 3D, the simple game is about helping animals to cross the street and try to rescue the successful animals. There are also ball and puzzle games like Dune!, Perfect Hit, TENKYU or Idle Balls.

Blocksbuster has just been released in May. Although it doesn’t carry any deep content, it can make you relieve all stress in a hard day’s work. The simplicity that this game brings makes many players unable to take their eyes off the phone screen during play.

Blocksbuster Mod APK gameplay

Collect all the small blocks

The main task of the player in Blocksbuster is to make all the blocks on the table fall into a single round hole. That hole is controlled by yourself. It sounds simple because it’s not hard for you to make the cube fall into that hole.

However, at higher levels, you need to be more skillful in getting the cubes to fall into the hole because they will come with bombs. You don’t want the bombs or other objects except for the cubes and plus points to fall into your hole because they will make you lose immediately.

Interesting levels increase

At the first level, the blocks will fall into your hole easily because they are not obstructed by anything. Therefore, from downloading Blocksbuster to a free way on Google Play Store, players only need a few minutes to be able to pass the first 10 levels.

Blocksbuster is becoming more and more interesting with the appearance of bombs. It challenges your dexterity and gives you a lot more excitement. The location of the bombs is getting harder and requires more of your dexterity. But with that, at higher levels, you will get diamonds with the cube. While trying to avoid the bombs, try to get all the diamonds on it because it has a lot of effects later.

Blocksbuster Mod APK features

Decorate your gravity hole

Players will have more motivation to earn more diamonds and pass levels when they can unlock new looks for their hole. When you start the game, Blocksbuster has a fairly simple theme and appearance with the main colors being orange, white and black. But more and more later, players will be able to see more beautiful, lively and interesting surroundings. Examples include coconut trees, boats, sand beaches, beaches, wooded trees, …

Your hole can be decorated with many different animal shapes. They will be like animals opening their mouths wide and grabbing food from above. You will use the diamonds you earned from the rings to buy new looks for the hole. For example, frogs, cats, crocodiles, lips or even hearts, … The more beautiful and lovely looks will cost more and you need more time to get enough diamonds.

Not difficult for you to pass levels and earn diamonds in Blocksbuster. However, players need to have patience and dexterity to be able to complete it quickly and best. If you focus, it only takes 1 day that you can buy all the skins for your hole and complete more than 500 levels.

Get Blocksbuster! Mod APK for Free

Blocksbuster is available for free download on Play Store. But because of that, the game has been complained a lot about the disruption of advertising. Many players had to give up halfway because of advertising intervention during the game. A tip to avoid advertising in games like this is to turn off the Wifi connection.

Blocksbuster is a very entertaining arcade game, if you love simple games without spending too much time or intellect, this is a suitable mobile game for you to entertain at any time and wherever.

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