Ball Mayhem! Mod APK 2.8 [Unlimited Diamond]

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  • May 11, 2019
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Details about Ball Mayhem! Mod APK

  • Developer:
  • Version: 2.8
  • Category: Sport
  • Size: 71M
  • MOD Features: Unlimited Gems
  • Update: July 14, 2019 at 5:42 pm
  • Get it from: Play Store
Ball Mayhem! Mod APK 2.8 [Unlimited Diamond]
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Ball Mayhem is a fun football game with American style, which was developed by Voodoo. The gameplay is simplified so that even players who do not understand the rules of this kind of sports can easily play. The game is available on both Android and iOS operating systems.

In this article, we will discuss the key features of this game. Besides, we will guide you on how to download and install Ball Mayhem Mod APK completely free on Android.

Ball Mayhem mod apk

Ball Mayhem on Android

Ball Mayhem has a simple playstyle. Like American football regulations, there are two teams participating in the match which scored the most goals will win the game. The player will control a member of his team. His mission will continuously change depending on whether he has a ball or not. If you are holding the ball, you need to control your character to move smartly to avoid the team from robbing the ball and running to the Touchdown line to score. In case, the other team is holding the ball, you should follow and support your teammate to get the ball and score.

Overall, Ball Mayhem is an entertaining game worth playing. The game does not place much emphasis on competition rules. Players will control their characters in collaboration with teammates. You can move in any trajectory and every contact is valid.

Ball Mayhem gameplay

Key features of Ball Mayhem [Mod/Unlocked]

Super speed

Ball Mayhem matches depend on the speed and reflexes of the player. You can run faster when you don’t hold the ball. If you maintain the speed for a while, a trail of fire will appear right behind you. At this point, you have reached the maximum speed and can knock down any opponent’s players. Of course, to achieve the maximum speed is not simple because the opponent always moves and collides, causing you to slow down.

Smart defense

It is no longer important for the team to keep the ball if you don’t know how to defend. When a player of your team keeps the ball, he will become the pursuit target of all enemy players. In this situation, you have to protect him and help him score a goal. You should run around in a crazy way and hit the opponent’s player who intends to rob the ball. When a player falls, he will take a while to return to the match. This is the best time to score.

Score goal

The match will not be able to determine if there is no goal. If you win the ball, your next task is to score. Opponents will constantly attack you. As mentioned before, keeping the ball will slow you down. Running in a straight trajectory only makes you lose the ball soon. You should follow a crazy trajectory, making your opponent unable to judge your direction, run fast to Touchdown and score goals when given a chance.

Duplicate the number of stars

Stars help players level up or unlock rewards. When winning a match, the player will receive certain stars. Watching promotional videos will help players double that number. You should take advantage of this offer to quickly increase your level. Like other games, this option is also displayed only when the device is connected to the internet.

Ball Mayhem icon

Download and install Ball Mayhem Mod APK

Ball Mayhem is similar to many other mobile games of Voodoo when it contains ads. They appear quite often and annoying. Besides, there are many in-game items that you need to unlock with diamonds. To do this, you need to play a lot and win to receive rewards. We bring you an easier way to solve all these problems. It is Ball Mayhem Mod Latest APK. The Mod version is available on Android, allowing you to unlock all in-game items and completely remove ads. Please follow the instructions below to install:

  • Download the game APK file we provided below
  • Open and install it as usual. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  • After finishing the installation, you can open and enjoy the game right away.


About Voodoo

If you are a mobile gaming enthusiast, you will definitely hear about Voodoo – one of the most famous game developers on Android and iOS in the world. Voodoo products often do not have a storyline and good graphics. However, their appeal is in the gameplay. It can be said that Voodoo’s game is suitable for everyone, regardless of gender and age. The gameplay is mostly simple but there is always something attractive and makes players enjoying it. We also introduced a lot of Voodoo Android games such as Fireball 3D, Planet Bomber!, Light-it-up etc. Most of them are successful and attract millions of downloads from the Play Store. Ball Mayhem is also such a game.


Ball Mayhem is a great entertainment game inspired by American football. The game has simple gameplay and reduces the rules. Players can keep the ball and move in all directions or collide with any player on the pitch without worrying about being penalized. The pace of the game is quite fast, players will have to actively move the ball and attack the opponent. Just a little hesitant, the opponent can run and score at any time.

Although players can only control a single player on the field, you need to coordinate with your teammates if you want to win. In which, you have to pay attention to protect your partner who is holding the ball. Conversely, if you are the one holding the ball, you have to move to the place where your teammates gather the most. They will protect you against attacks from the opponent. Hope you have successfully downloaded and installed Ball Mayhem Mod latest APK on Android. If you want to play more Voodoo games, please click HERE.

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