Auto Theft Gangsters 1.18 (Mod, Money/Skill No Cooldown)

Auto Theft Gangsters 1.18 (Mod, Money/Skill No Cooldown)

Auto Theft Gangsters is an open-world action game on Android. In the game, you will play the role of a gangster, who performs dangerous missions to consolidate power in the underworld. If you are a fan of GTA games on Android and have completed Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Auto Theft Gangsters will be the perfect choice for you at the moment.

Summary information about Auto Theft Gangsters

Full NameAuto Theft Gangsters
Mod FeaturesMoney
Latest Version1.18
RequireAndroid 4.0 and up
Latest UpdateDecember 24, 2019
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What’s Auto Theft Gangsters?

Auto Theft Gangsters takes the player into the city of the criminals, where you will perform missions in the underworld. Everywhere in Liberty City is in turmoil by criminals. The wars of power among gangs are taken place frequently which police cannot even interfere. Let’s play the game for proving whether you can solve all these conflicts and become the ruler of the underworld or not!

In Auto Theft Gangster, you will play a young man, who moved to the town, just before the fight between the gangs. However, you are not just an ordinary guy but a dangerous gangster. This is your chance to change the fate of Liberty City. You have to step by step consolidate your power and reach the top of the underworld.

Auto Theft Gangsters APK+Data v1.18 [Mod Money/Skill No Cooldown] Download

You can make Liberty your criminal city. In which, you can steal cars, fight gangs and even shoot down notorious bosses to increase your reputation in the game.

Auto Theft Gangsters is a bit of a role-playing game, in which your character will level up after completing missions and gain experience points. After leveling up, his power and HP will also increase. The in-game control system is similar to the GTA 5 Android, where you use the left side navigation key to move the character; the right side is the key to perform actions like attack, defense, grenade launcher, change weapons…

Auto Theft Gangsters APK+Data v1.18 [Mod Money/Skill No Cooldown] Download

Key features of Auto Theft Gangsters

  • Explore the underworld through the beautiful city, Liberty. The graphics of the game are impressive with the details, which are designed meticulously. The map is vast with many secret places for you to explore.
  • There are hundreds of different weapons to equip and purchase. In addition, the players can race on the supercar from the world famous brands. You also have a garage to store your car.
  • Completing all the quests in the game, the events take place in 3 cities Liberty, Las Vegas, and San Andreas.
  • Interesting open world gameplay: The player can do whatever he likes. You can steal a car, buy a weapon, kill a thief, dump cash at a snack shop or even crush to anyone on the road.
  • Cooperating with other gangs from around the world to take over the city.

Auto Theft Gangsters APK+Data v1.18 [Mod Money/Skill No Cooldown] Download


Auto Theft Gangsters is not an official GTA Series game, but it is still worth a try. The game is evaluated as another version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Android. The game brings a great world where you can freely do whatever you want, even become a dangerous criminal.

Auto Theft Gangsters requires your device to run Android 4.4 or higher, a minimum of 2GB of Ram and 520MB of free space. If you are a GTA fan, you should not miss this game.

Download Auto Theft Gangsters 1.18 (Mod, Money/Skill No Cooldown)

Here is the area that displays all the links to download Auto Theft Gangsters for free. Please select the correct version you want as well as read our installation guide carefully to avoid any problems during download and installation. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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I want to download
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Hello. I would like to inform you about cheating thejoker player and sweety salina player in the game. They have much less power than me and they beat me in a raid boss with a big advantage. They're from my gang. I wrote a chat on the gang about it, I got the answer that everyone here is cheating. It's not a fer fer, so please do something about it. To give some harsh punishment for cheating and every next punishment more and more. It may discourage such players
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Ruben stone_killer
Ruben stone_killer
I not cheat,but there are many players who are less status and power but still beat me and hit from safe zone
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