Animal Rescue 3D Mod APK 1.12 [Remove Ad/Unlocked]

Animal Rescue 3D Mod APK 1.12 [Remove Ad/Unlocked]

If you are a regular person playing arcade games on a mobile device, you may have tried one or a few games from Voodoo. Voodoo game publishers have developed more than 50 games. In it, there were many popular games and achieved success on both iOS and Android platforms. Voodoo games attract many players because of the simplicity and loveliness of its arcade games. Besides the top games from this France-based developer like 2, Roller Splat and Rotate Balls, … Animal Rescue 3D is also a game worth noting for its loveliness and entertainment. its.

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Full NameAnimal Rescue 3D Mod APK
Mod FeaturesMoney
Latest Version1.12
Latest UpdateSeptember 29, 2019
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Animal Rescue 3D ((Mod Remove Ad/Unlocked) is the latest Voodoo product to be released for the iOS platform. After a short time since the practice, Animal Rescue 3D brought back a large number of players and gained many positive reviews, at the same time becoming one of the top games. Voodoo is bringing a simple control and recipe into Animal Rescue 3D.

Animal Rescue 3D Mod APK

The simplest way to play

Animal Rescue 3D‘s gameplay is so simple that you don’t need to take the time to become a professional player. The player must touch and hold the screen to let the animals cross the road, when you release your finger, they will stop moving. The story of crossing the road is not simple because the car often runs back and forth. So you have to keep the timing right to release your hands for the animals to stop in time before they get hit by the car.

It looks extremely easy to start with, however, if you play at a higher level, the roads will have more lanes and the traffic density will be much larger. This will make it more difficult for you to help the animals cross the road safely. It is true that it is really hard to weight on completing high-level levels, but that does not mean impossible, players can use one of the following tips to conquer the highest score each round. play.

Animal Rescue 3D mod apk save animals

The animals

The number of animals will increase every time you rescue an animal. The speed of itself is consistent and unchanging. However, the speed of the vehicle is something you can’t predict, so this is one of your concerns.

Slow down

Animal Rescue 3D is a unique game that emphasizes patience. The game is not limited to time so you should not rush the animals to the road so they are injured. Instead, you should slow down and wait for the opportunity. The most important thing the player must accomplish is to rescue all the animals, not complete it in a limited time.

Animal Rescue 3D slow down

It is worth mentioning that not all players have a lot of free time to spend on this game, so you need to focus and take the opportunity to take these animals to the safest way. However, players will pass the game very quickly even if you spend a lot of time to watch the road crossing.

Watch carefully every time you cross the street, especially when there are multiple lanes at the same time. Even if there is only one lane, the vehicles on the road will not go the same speed and there are factors that affect your timing.

Restrain the impatience

Successfully crossing the street and still preserving all the animals is a difficult task at the first level. Later, the number of animals that need your rescue is increased and more challenges come to you. A wrong calculation or a mistake can make you fail. The fact that you impulsively push the whole animal over at the same time and accidentally caused it to be hit by fast-moving cars makes your rescue work fail.

Animal Rescue 3D mod gameplay

The more animals you pull them across the road at the same time, the higher the danger. If you tend to push a lot of animals at once, you will be more likely to fail than just take one by one.

Always make sure you focus and wait patiently for the opportunity. Stay alert every step of the way to get through the traffic-filled streets and get a high score.

Focus on the time the car runs on the road

When you take the time to see how fast animals can cross busy streets, you will be able to visualize its spirit at some point and more or less calculate the amount of space they need. Yes before they start running. This, of course, will vary depending on the number of lanes available but still, walking in the right lane will give you a level of confidence and certainty about how much space you need before you start. Touch your device screen.

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Download Animal Rescue 3D Mod APK Now!

Video ads are a popular feature of many free games in the mobile game market, especially games like Animal Rescue 3D that don’t actually sell any items in the game and there’s no way Other to make a profit from free games. Although sometimes these ads can be a pain to watch especially if there is nothing in it for you, at the moment, these ads are needed to keep the game available for every people enjoy free.

Although we fully understand and support the idea of ​​putting video ads into games, we also understand the dismay that some people encounter when they are disoriented when video ads pop up in the game and distracting them. If you want to have uninterrupted time to capture the game well, you should know that you can freely remove any and all ads when you turn off WiFi.

With Animal Rescue 3D Mod, the ads will be completely removed. You can enjoy the game without worrying about them anymore.

Download Animal Rescue 3D Mod APK 1.12 [Remove Ad/Unlocked]

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